Quick & Easy Holiday Ornament Using Yarn...

This little guy would be perfect as a gift tag or as a gift in itself.  This yarn is super fluffy & soft, it will remind you of freshly fallin' snow!

Add Twigs with Hot Glue for Easy Arms!

I wanted something extra to add to my Snowball Fight in a Bucket gift for my nephews.  I also wanted it to match and look like it was made to go with the bucket.  I needed it to be quick because I had already spent several hours on this gift and I have limited time for each project.  I love the yarn that I made the "snowballs" out of so I was happy to use it again.  It's so soft and fluffy, it really does remind me of snow, without the cold icy feel of course!  I think he turned out so sweet and he was an easy project.  He'll be the perfect accent to my bucket.  I'm sure I'll find all kinds of uses for this little guy in the future!

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Patons Divine, Color: Icicle White
3 Pom Pom Makers, ex-small, small & Medium (or make them with cardboard)
Red, Black, & Orange felt
Hot Glue Gun


 Make 3 different size Pom Poms.  Double up your Yarn when tying the pom poms because you will need strands for tying the sections together and also a loop at the top to use as a hanger!

Tie Your Pom Poms Together or Glue. Smallest pom pom at the top, leaving loop for hanging!
Cut out the pieces you will need for the face and scarf.  Fray the ends of your scarf to make fringe.  See Picture for shapes!

Hot Glue them on.  Add Twigs as arms, if you wish.  Sorry, I do not have a Picture of that!

Enjoy Your Cute Little Ornament!

2013, Copyright, Nicole F. Cox,, all rights reserved.


Shannhlvb said...

If you wrap one side of pom-pom maker in the middle with black yarn (just a few wraps), you could avoid using the felt for eyes and buttons. You could probably do it for nose too, but I'm not positive. I've made Bichon Frise heads and wrapped the black for eyes and nose. It turned out nice and would be better for kids because eyes and buttons wouldn't be able to be pulled off or fall off. This is a great and easy idea and I'm excited to try it. I'll let you know if I can make the nose look like a carrot. I suspect with some trimming, I will. Thanks for your great ideas.

Nicole F. Cox said...

Hello Shannhlvb, thank you for visiting the blog! These ornaments are not childrens toys but I'm glad you are thinking about possible choking hazards in your crafting. Anything smaller than a quarter (maybe larger) can fall off/be pulled off and be a choking hazard to a child of any age if the item is put in the mouth. There is no such thing as a safe item under this size, particularly for children under 3.

I prefer the felt for small projects like this as you can make it tiny but think it's great that you prefer pom poms for this project and I encourage you to use your own creativity to change them up to your tastes. Thank you for sharing your ideas, that's what this blog is for. Happy looming!-Nicole

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