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A new loom knitting pattern for the Fall 2015 Football Season on Etsy. My husband and I are big football fans and I love to dress up for game day.  I love vintage looking football gear and designed this pattern to go along with that style.  I also have a lot of family and friends that love sports so these Loom Knit Mitts will make perfect gifts!

Pattern Description: These fingerless mitts will add a touch of old time elegance to the sporty girls' wardrobe. The mitts feature a knit, open thumb, old fashioned laces and a feminine bobble border on the hand.

Tip:  re-imagine this pattern by knitting it in a single color wool. It would make an elegant reading mitt! Or make them fun and trendy by knitting it in a variegated wool.

Level:  Beginner to Intermediate. All directions are included.

Check out the pattern here:  Loom Knit Fingerless Mitts Pattern

General loom knitting instruction is available here on my YouTube Channel: 
This Moment is Good on YouTube

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Loom Knit a beautiful garter stitch cotton scarf using only knits and purls! This scarf works on any loom using pima or other soft cotton or a cotton blend!
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I saw this scarf and fell in love with its' simplicity. I can almost feel the cozy cotton when I look at it. Read below to see how you can "Get the Look" of this natural everyday scarf on the loom.
  • Any loom medium gauge or larger
  • Knitting tool/pick
  • Crochet hook
  • Measuring tape
  • Yarn Ideas:  Pima Cotton or Pima Cotton blend such as Comfy, knit picks. Color: Ivory, worsted weight (use 2 strands as one for a chunkier look) Or Juniper Moon Neve 100% Cotton, Color: Sandbox. Cascade also makes a 100% pima cotton yarn: Color: Natural

Instructions For how to make this type of scarf...

First decide how wide you would like your scarf; Measure out this distance from peg 1 on your loom til the measurement is reached then add 5 pegs. This will allow for normal shrinkage and skipping a peg at the beginning of your row. The above scarf is extra wide but you can make it any width you want. Loom knit about 2 inches and check for proper width.

  • Foundation row:  Chain Cast on all pegs with 2 strands yarn used as one.
  • Row 1:  skip 1, knit all.
  • Row 2:  skip 1, purl all.
  • Repeat rows 1 and 2 until desired length is reached. A good rule of thumb is to make your scarf as long as the recipient is tall.
  • Chain one bind off.
  • Weave in all ends.
  • Enjoy wearing your lovely new cotton, garter stitch scarf!
I hope you are enjoying this new series of blog posts...I feel that loom knitters are seriously lacking in patterns and hope to bring many more ideas on how you can get similar knit looks on the loom.  I can't possibly keep up with all the ideas running through my head, let alone knit all the samples. Let me know what you think!

Thank you for Reading... Happy Loom Knitting!
How to do this simple, yet adorable, knit hat on the Loom!
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"Get The Look: Stockinette hat!"
I found this adorable hat on the Internet (stock photo) and fell in love with it and wanted to show you how to do this on the loom. The hat gets it's look from a rolled up brim (no ribbing needed, get your curl on!), strongly contrasting stripes and an abruptly decreased crown. Below you'll find the instructions for how to get a similar look on the Loom! This is going to be the first post of a new series I'm calling "get the look!". These posts will give you instructions for how to achieve similar looking knits on the loom, opening up new possibilities.

  • Any round loom of your choice (please remember that the above hat was done using medium to small knitting needles so the smaller gauge of your loom the closer it will look like the above hat) I recommend 5/8", 1/2" gauge or smaller.
  • Another smaller round loom (to transfer your sts to)
  • Knitting tool
  • Measuring tape
  • Crochet hook
  • Yarn: 2 colors (weight will vary depending on loom used) Do a swatch 1st to get desired gauge. To get the look in the picture, I recommend #5 weight wool (1 strand) with a 5/8" or 1/2" peg spacing loom.
  • Using MC, Chain or true cable cast on all pegs, join to work in the round.
  • Row 1:  Knit (you may use the regular knit st or the u-knit stitch for this hat)
  • Repeat row 1 until your hat reaches the desired length (at least 8" for adult, 5" for baby, 5-7" for child). Change colors every 5 rows for the striped effect above.
  • Now divide the # of pegs on your loom by 4; you will transfer your sts onto a stitch holder or piece of yarn in groups of 4, keeping them in order.
  • Place your sts onto a smaller loom (equally divided by 4), keeping them as evenly spaced as possible. Remember, the less sts/pegs you have, the more decrease at the crown.
  • Next row:  Knit (knit any pegs with 2 or more sts as one)
  • Next 2 rows: Knit
  • Decrease crown again by moving every third peg to the next peg, knit over (just the pegs with 2 sts)
  • Bind off using the gather method.
  • Weave in your ends.
Thank you for reading.
Happy Looming!

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Summer is ending and it's time to celebrate a couple of milestones here at This Moment is Good. My book Round Loom Knitting in 10 Easy Lessons is up for pre-order on Amazon. It's been a long year of hard work but the book has come together. While it's a beginner book, there is something for everyone! 30 Stylish Loom Knitting Patterns (from beginner to advanced) are included. You can pre-order the book here:  Round Loom Knitting in 10 Easy Lessons. I hope you will check it out and thank you in advance for your support.

Round Loom Knitting in 10 Easy Lessons by Nicole F. Cox

We are also celebrating 1/2 Million visits to my blog this month! I can't thank my readers enough for helping to make this blog a successful one and I hope to keep bringing you interesting content. So to celebrate, I wanted to come up with a special free loom knitting pattern to give you. I came up with the Summer Gatherings Scarf.

This scarf is truly special and I think any woman would feel beautiful wearing it. It is made from kid mohair and silk and has a light and airy feel while still being warm and snuggly. It's bright and cheery color will bring a touch of summer to your wardrobe. I used skip/slip stitch to keep the body of the scarf light while opening it up further with rows of eyelets. After loom knitting, the scarf is gently gathered at the sides, giving it a billowy effect.


Difficulty Level:  Confident Beginner
Gauge: 11 sts and 14 rows = 4” in Twisted Stockinette
Finished Measurements: Any length and 12” wide when using loom with ½” peg spacing.

v 1/2” peg spacing loom (35 pegs minimum), CinDWood 36 peg loom used in sample.
v Knitting tool
v Crochet hook
v Measuring tape
v Yarn Needle
v Yarn: 
o   MC:  2 Balls, Knit Picks, Aloft, 72% Super Kid Mohair, 28% Silk, 260 yards/23 grams, Lace Weight, Color: #P861, Name: Daisy.

Pattern Notes:
ü  Scarf is worked as flat panel.
ü  Scarf is gathered on the 2nd set of eyelets with a needle and yarn.
ü  This scarf is versatile when made long and can be wrapped in several different ways.
ü  You can try other looms with this pattern but finished measurements and look will vary. (see our conversion chart on this blog to help with sizing)

Pattern Key
Ewk = e-wrap knit
Skip1 = Skip one peg
Wyib = with yarn in back (of peg)
MC = main color
K = knit
u-k = u-knit (wrap yarn around front and back of peg (forming the U) and knit bottom stitch over top stitch.
Yo-k2tog = yarn over, knit 2 together. Move stitch from peg 1 to peg 2. Lay working yarn over peg 1 and knit the 2 stitches as one on peg 2.

Tips for working with Mohair: Use good light, Mohair is thin and can be hard to see. Mohair is strong once knit but it’s important not to make your sts too tight as it can break when pulling sts over the pegs!

Scarf Pattern

        Foundation row: Chain cast on 35 pegs with 2 strands MC.
§  Rows 1 and 3:  u-knit
§  Rows 2 and 4:  purl
§  Row 5:  *ewk1, skip1 wyib, repeat from * to end of row.
§  Row 6:  *skip1 wyib, ewk1, repeat from * to end of row.
§  Rows 7-30:  Repeat rows 5 and 6 (12) times.
§  Row 31;  ewk
§  Row 32:  Skip1 wyib, *u-k1, yo-k2tog, repeat from * to last peg, k1.
§  Rows 33-36:  Repeat rows 31 and 32 (2) times.
§  Row 37:  ewk
§  Repeat rows 5-37 until scarf reaches desired length (this scarf looks best when it hits about mid-thigh). Leave enough measurement for last section below.
§  Now repeat rows 5-30 (1 time).
§  Next row:  purl
§  Next row:  u-knit
§  Next row:  purl
§  Next row:  u-knit
§  Finishing: Gather sides of scarf gently (at middle row of eyelets) using a yarn needle and a short length of yarn). See pictures for more info.

1. Weave yarn needle in and out of middle row of eyelets, coming up just before the 4th eyelet on each side. 2. Tie the yarn to the side of the scarf in a knot. 3. Weave in ends with yarn needle. 4. Add 4" fringe, 2 strands per stitch.

Thank You For Reading, Happy Looming!

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