This pretty, easy to make tree, will add beauty to your Christmas decor...
I'm really enjoying using red & white in my Christmas decorations.  The candy cane theme just seems to stand out better then anything I've ever done before.  I made this mesh tree today. It only took me about 2 hours and costs only $15.00 to make.  I did get the mesh on sale at AC Moore but you can always use a coupon to keep costs low.  I also had an old string of white lights that I used and it's not figured in the cost of this project. If you put your tree near a window, it shimmers during the day even when it's not lit.  I hope you enjoy this tutorial...Let me know how yours turns out!  #Holidaycrafts #lightedchristmastree #freechristmascrafts


(1) Roll Metallic Mesh Fabric (Red)
(1) Roll Metallic Mesh Fabric (White)
(1) Tomato Cage
(1) String of White Lights (I used an old string I had)
Silver Craft Wire


1.  Wrap Craft wire around the top of the cage to form the pointed top of the tree.
2.  Wrap a string of white lights evenly around the tomato cage making sure you leave a tail for plugging in later!
3.  Start winding white mesh on base of your "tree", twisting it as you go.
4.  Make your Base as wide as you like (keep in mind that a wider tree will require more mesh)
5.  Add red mesh to the second level but graduate it inward so your tree narrows as it goes upward.
6. Repeat until you reach the top.
7. Add a bow to the top of your tree.
Your finished tree will look like this!  If you want a thicker look to your tree...double the mesh you use!

Thank You For Reading!

copyright, 2013, Nicole F. Cox,, all rights reserved.

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Anonymous said...

I like your tree but it gave me idea to do a snowman. I just have been tossing around ideas foe the head. Think I will go with covering
A styrofoam round call and fit it on the points of the tomato cage.
Thanks for the inspiration.

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