This Super Soft & Airy Hat is Perfect For Adults, Children and Baby...

Pattern is in adult size.  Adjust accordingly for children and babies. #freeloomknittingpatterns #loomknithat #loomknitbabyhat #loomknitsnowysofthat #freeloomknithatpattern


1 Skein Patons Divine (5) in Icicle White
Green Loom (for Adult) Use smaller loom for Child or Baby
Crochet Hook
Knitting Tool


-Chain Bind on (1 strand)
Row 1-17:  Alternate each row/round with e-wrap knits and e-wrap purls.  Begin with e-wrap knits. Shorten this section if making for a child or baby.
-Reach down and grab first row of stitches and place on pegs, this will form brim.
-knit together.
-Rows 18-34:  e-wrap knit (with 1 strand for light and airy hat or 2 strands for thicker warmer hat).  Shorten this section if making a baby or child hat.
-Now; move peg 1 to peg 2, peg 3 to peg 4, peg 5 to peg 6 and so on all the way around.  Knit the pegs with two loops.
-gathered bind off.

I placed the hat in the sun to show how light and airy it looks and feels!  If you would like a warmer hat use 2 strands of yarn for the body of the hat.

Thank You For Reading. I Hope You Enjoyed This Pattern!

copyright, 2013,, Nicole F. Cox, all rights reserved.

Disclaimer:  I have made every effort to ensure that these instructions are accurate and complete.  I cannot, however, be reponsible for human error, typographical mistakes, or variations in individual work.  Although these patterns have been tested by me, they are still considered test patterns because they have not been done by a large group of knitters. They are being shared free for this reason.  Please knit these patterns at your own risk.  Patterns are for personal use only and are not to be knit and sold.  Links to this pattern are okay but do not copy and paste onto any website or document.

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