Easy holiday decorating using paper...

I wanted to add some new decorations to my house this year that wouldn't require a lot of time or expense. I had some old wrapping paper and a pad of holiday scrap booking paper in my craft room and set to work. First I found an old cereal box, a boot box and an old gift box that was no longer in good enough shape to put a gift in.  I wanted a few different sizes so that they would stack nicely after wrapping.  I used my printer and printed an old time gift tag with our family name on it and cut a piece of scrapbook paper a little larger with pinking shears.  I glued both tags together.  I then wrapped each of the boxes with a different type of paper and added a tissue flower to the top box.  I printed a strap that said "peace" on kraft paper and then glued that to the smallest box.  I then had a stack of "presents" to use as a decoration.

I think this would be a great project to do with kids. #holidaypapercrafts #papercrafting #paperchristmastrees

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Embellished Paper Christmas Trees Shown Above
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