Today I'm excited to give you a tour of my new fiber arts studio. My husband and I worked hard to make a design space perfect for my loom knitting business. Hopefully, you'll find something inspiring for your own creative space.

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     One of the challenges was to make separate areas for all the things that go along with a fiber arts business. Believe it or not, I spend the majority of my time at my computer, answering questions, designing/writing new patterns and charting, so an office area was a must. Other things needed are a large work table, yarn and other craft storage, a photography area and of course, a comfy sofa for the many hours spent knitting samples.

     After we thought out the practical elements, I spent a lot of time thinking about the way I wanted the studio to look and feel.  A great atmosphere was very important to me.  I'm very open to many design styles and I tried to incorporate industrial, vintage and shabby chic elements to my new space. None of the pieces match which gives the studio a lived in, vintage appeal.

The work table measures a generous 5.8' x 3.5' and can easily get 10 stools around it for looming classes and group get-togethers.

The office area above has a reclaimed wood desk, memo board made from an old shuttered window, my computer and winding station.  I filled the desk with things that inspire me, pics of my husband and children, my colored pencils,sketch book and old books from my Nana.

Storage (and lots of it) was a necessity! I found a couple of vintage looking pieces to hold yarn, blocking mats, looms and more.

Reclaimed pallet wood makes the backdrop for my new photography area. My husband did a great job of incorporating a flat screen tv out of the way of the lens.  Trunks hold raw wool and roving along with loom knit samples. A home-made apron from burlap and linen hold knitting tools, scissors and reading glasses while I work.

The lighting in my new studio is wonderful and changes throughout the day.  The sun sets right outside of the window I'm sitting next to in the picture above. There are 3 large windows and all the lights were put on dimmers so I have full control.

I hoped you enjoyed this behind the scenes tour of This Moment is Good Fiber Arts Studio. Thank you for reading!
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