Cheerful Loom Knit Frosty Hat

     I made this hat yesterday for my four year old nephew who said he wanted a "snowman hat" for Christmas.  I was really pleased with how it turned out especially, since I had tried some techniques I hadn't done before...vertical stripes, checkered stitches, etc.  It took more planning and thought than some of my previous patterns.  The final result was worth it and I can't wait to give it to my nephew.  I will be designing a matching scarf to go with it so, if you like this pattern, check back for the scarf.  

Find the scarf pattern here!

Supplies you'll need:

Green Knifty Knitter Loom (36 Pegs)
1 Skein Charisma Baby (4); Color: Aqua
1 Skein Lion Brand Hometown USA (6); Color:  New York White
1 Skein (or Less) Lion Hometown USA (6); Color:  Oakland Black
1 Skein (or Less) Patons Shetland Chunky (5); Color: Gold
Knitting Tool
Crochet Hook
Paper/Pen for counting stitches


With (1) strand of BLUE E-Wrap cast-on every other peg
With (1) strand of WHITE E-Wrap cast-on every other peg (empty pegs)
E-Wrap knit, alternating colors for (12) rows; Tip: 2 colors around once equals one row
At the end of each row make sure yarn does not twist
Turn up knitting, forming brim of hat
Knit together
Drop BLUE - Cut


With WHITE E-Wrap Knit (9) Rows


With BLACK, E-Wrap Knit (1) Row
Rib Stitch (8) Rows; (K1,P1,K1,P1)
Turn up 1st row of BLACK sts, to form brim (take your time with this step, the stitches get tight

Slip knot BLUE and WHITE on holding peg
Alternating BLUE & WHITE E-Wrap Knit Stitch (4) rows 
(Be Sure to alternate the colors on each row so that you do not form vertical stripes)

With BLACK E-Wrap Knit Stitch (8 Rows)
To Square off top of hat move peg one to peg two, peg three to peg four, and so on until all pegs have been moved
Knit all Pegs
Gathered Bind-Off


E-Wrap Knit (4) Pegs with GOLD
E-Wrap Knit (4-5) Rows
Gathered Bind-Off
Shape into Cone - Sew onto center of face


With BLACK E-Wrap Knit (3) Rows, using 3 pegs.
Gathered Bind-Off
Pull Tight into Knot
Leave Tail for sewing on Frosty's Face
(Do this twice to make two Coal eyes
Sew on Hat


Hand Sew a line with BLACK using picture as reference

all rights reserved, Nicole F. Cox,  These patterns are for personal use only.  Do not copy, print or sell this pattern.  


Green & Cream Loom Knit Slouch Hat...

     It took me several tries to get this hat just the way I wanted it.  It sits perfectly on the back of your head with just the right amount of slouch.  I'm sure it would look great in almost any color combination!  It takes about one evening to do this (about 3 hours) I will try to update this post with a picture of someone wearing it so you can see how it fits.

Things You'll Need:

41 Peg Knifty Knitter Loom (Yellow)
Knitting Tool (comes with loom)
Crochet Hook
1 Skein Patons Shetland Chunky (5) Color: Deep Moss

1 Skein Red Heart Soft (4) Color:  Off White
Button for embellishment


Cast-on 41 Pegs with Deep Moss
Knit (14) Rows
Roll up Brim
E-Wrap Knit (3) Rows
With Off-White (using 2 strands) E-Wrap Knit 4 Rows
Drop White, use Deep Moss only.
E-Wrap Knit with Deep Moss until the hat reaches 10" (or desired length)
Use Gathered Bind-off and secure
Sew button on hat.
Weave in ends and enjoy your new hat!

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Disclaimer:  I have made every effort to ensure that these instructions are accurate and complete.  I cannot, however, be reponsible for human error, typographical mistakes, or variations in individual work. 

These patterns are for personal use only.

Copyright, 2013, all rights reserved, Nicole F. Cox,


Easy Childs Loom Knit Santa Hat & Scarf Set

I love these santa hats and scarves and knew that I just had to make up a pattern for the loom. I gave the original set to my nephew as a Christmas gift.  For safety, I made the scarf just long enough to go around the neck and lay inside the coat.  It is not meant to wrap around the neck. I'm thrilled with how the scarf came out and feel it's a nice match to the hat!

What You Will Need:  These supplies are for the Hat & Scarf

Straight Loom ( I used rose colored Knifty Knitter Loom)
Round Loom (measure child's head)
(1) Skein Patons Shetland Chunky (5); Color GOLD
(1) Skein Lion Brand Hometown USA (6): Color: TAMPA SPICE
(1) Skein  Lion Brand Hometown USA (6); Color: OAKLAND BLACK
(1) Skein Lion Brand Hometown USA (6); Color: New York White
Knitting Tool
Crochet Hook
Pom Pom Maker

Scarf: My Original Pattern (please feel free to use and share but give me credit please)

-E-Wrap Cast-on (6) Pegs with Red Yarn
-E-Wrap Knit (8) Rows
-Cast-on Black and E-Wrap Knit (4) Rows
-Drop Black and E-Wrap Knit with Red (45) Rows
-Cast on Black, then E-Wrap Knit  (4) Rows
-Cast on Red, E-Wrap Knit (8) Rows
-Chain Cast-Off Loom
-Weave in yarn ends
-Chain-Stitch Gold Buckles
-Add Tassels

all rights reserved, Nicole F. Cox,

Hat Pattern: Modified for the Loom

You will need a round loom (this was made for a 1 year old on the Red 31 peg loom, I would use the green Knifty Knitter loom for an older child as this hat is not real stretchy)

-E-Wrap Cast-On with Red
-E-Wrap Knit (12) Rows
-Fold up Knitting to form Brim and Knit together
-Continue E-Wrap Knitting Red (3) Rows
-Cast-on Black
-E-Wrap Knit (3) Rows
-Drop Black
-E-Wrap Knit (11) Rows  (hat measures 7" but I would do it shorter depending on size desired)
-Work Gathered Removal To Remove Hat From Loom and Close top of Hat
-Add pom pom to top of hat
-Chain Stitch- Gold Buckle VIDEO

Copyright, 2013, Nicole F. Cox,, all rights reserved.

Happy Loom Knitting!

Easy Holiday Scarf With Pom Poms

     I wanted to make something for my adult niece for the holiday season that was both practical and had a little whimsy.  She has two little boys that love to play in the snow so I thought she could use something warm.  I'm feeling ambitious this year and am trying to make a home-made gift for everyone on my list.  I want the gifts to be nice but also, because of time constraints, not too time consuming.  I'm really happy with how it turned out and plan to make one for myself and maybe boot cuffs to match.


Things you will need:

straight loom (I used rose colored knifty knitter)
2 Skeins:  Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick and Quick; Color: Crimson (6) Super Bulky
1 Skein White Yarn (also Bulky)
Knitting tool
Crochet Hook
Small Pom Pom Maker

-E-Wrap Cast-on (9) pegs
-E-Wrap Knit until you use both skeins of Crimson Yarn
-Weave in ends
-Make (6) pom poms with the small pom-pom maker and attach evenly to ends of scarf

It's really easy and fast!

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all rights reserved, Nicole F. Cox,

Disclaimer:  I have made every effort to ensure that these instructions are accurate and complete.  I cannot, however, be reponsible for human error, typographical mistakes, or variations in individual work..  Although these patterns have been tested by me, they are still considered test patterns because they have not been done by a large group of knitters. They are being shared free for this reason.  Please knit these patterns at your own risk. These patterns are for personal use only and may not be knit and sold.

2013, copyright,, Nicole F. Cox, all rights reserved.

  This Loom Knit Cowl was made many, many years ago.  I remember most of the info for how I did this since it's really basic but came out wonderful...The cowl is very structured and warm.  It gets its structure from the double knitting and the thick yarn, so please don't use thin yarn for this.  My daughter likes it so much she's picked out yarn for me to knit one for her.  The picture below is her cowl in progress.  

This is not an official pattern since I did not take notes when the first one was done but a confident beginner should be able to make it from the directions I have included below.

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Finished Cowl...Thick and Warm


You will need the following materials:
1 skein Wool-Ease Chunky (4); Color:  402 Wheat
1 skein Medium Weight Yarn (4); Color: see below (lion Brand organic cotton           was used for this cowl. I do not have the name of the color)
1 straight loom; I used knifty knitter's rose colored loom 12 pegs
Knitting loom tool
Crochet hook
(3) Large Wood Buttons

-Using one strand from each color (as one) E-Wrap Cast-on all 12 pegs
-E-Wrap Knit all rows until Cowl measures 37" or desired length.
-Chain one Bind off
-Weave in yarn ends
-Sew on buttons  (I did not use button holes for this cowl.  I just push the             buttons through the thick knitting)

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all rights reserved, Nicole F. Cox,

Knifty Knitter Loom used ...12 pegs. This picture is my daughters cowl in progress.

This is the second color yarn I used...I do not have the exact name but it is two shades of green and a yellowish cream; lion brand organic cotton.


2013,, Nicole F. Cox, all rights reserved.  Do Not copy and paste my blog posts; links to this blog are ok.  
     For years I've dreamt of a large walk-in, super organized pantry space.  After our kids moved out, we even entertained the idea of moving. We soon realized that, for one, it's expensive, and for two, it's difficult to replace a great community like ours.  We live about 1 block from a lake and are in the historical area of our town.  I won't even mention the emotional attachment we have to this home.  We'd been using a coat closet outside the kitchen as a make shift pantry.  It was pretty awful.  The space is deep (under the stairs) and narrow. It was dark and canned items would always fall backward, off the shelves, and into the abyss.
     One day, I opened up my messy foyer closet and realized we never use it for guests coats.  It was just a junk closet...old coats and such.  I started entertaining the idea of repurposing it.  I then started stressing about how far it was from the kitchen (about 21 feet), would people think it was weird, etc.

I went for it anyway and this is how it turned out...

Foyer closet turned into a pantry

     I love how it turned out and I don't mind the extra distance from the kitchen.  I wallpapered the walls with a fancy black and white wall paper. I'm glad I took the extra time to do's a great finishing touch. We used shelving and drawer systems from The Container Store, Cherry Hill NJ (Elfa). They are the perfect depth! I won't lie, they are a little on the pricey side. Here's the link:  Wait for them to go on sale!

We measured the cans and allowed only enough room to comfortably be able to stock the shelves, this maximized the space, although elpha shelving is fully adjustable

#pantry #pantryorganization #organization #kitchenorganization

     I hope this sparks some creative organizational ideas in you, especially for those lacking ideal rooms/closets in their home!

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