Make this Fun Family Christmas Gift Yourself...

I've seen these buckets for sale on the Internet for years but was always disappointed when I saw the dimensions.  They are not cheap and the bucket is only about 4 inches high with 6 small "snowballs" inside.  My nephews are getting to the age where I know they would love something like this.  We live in New Jersey and rarely have snow on the ground.  It tends to melt fast here!  I'm trying to make all my Christmas gifts this year but I didn't want to disappoint the boys by not having a toy for them.  I think they're really going to like this.  My husband has been throwing the snowballs at me ever since I made them so I think the adults are going to love them too!  The bucket I got is large and the snowballs are soft and safe for inside. I have directions for the snowman ornament here:  Snowman Ornament Directions!
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1 Large Pom Pom Maker (or use cardboard)
1 Skein Patons Divine Yarn  Color:  Icicle White
1 Galvanized Bucket 
I Pack of Letter Stickers
Orange Felt
Acrylic Paints: White, Black, Pink
Glue Gun
Mod Podge


1.  Make 10 Large Pom Poms

2.  Paint bucket as pictured (the white areas will take 4 coats)
3.  Cut out a nose for the snowman out of orange felt.  Mod Podge or hot glue on bucket.

4.  Remove Stickiness from back of stickers by repeatedly sticking them to fabric.  Mod Podge the stickers on to the bucket...Center letters.
5.  Wait for Paint to dry.

6.  Mod Podge the entire front of bucket with a light coat of Mod Podge (Do Not Mod Podge the felt nose, just the edges), using a damp sponge brush...from seam to seam.  Put on 3 coats, leaving 1 hour in between coats for drying.  This is important so that your bucket does not remain sticky.
7.  Dry for 24 hours or longer.  Spray with a craft finishing spray 2 Coats.
NOTE:  Sealing the bucket is necessary, as the paint will scratch off the bucket without it!  It will also give almost a plastic feel to the front which I think makes it feel more "finished".

8. Fill bucket with "Snowballs"!
9.  Make Snowman Ornament to go with bucket.  Directions Here: Snowman Ornament Directions!


copyright, 2013, Nicole F. Cox,, all rights reserved.

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