Use these loom knit curling i-cords at the top of pumpkins as vines or on garments with falling snowflakes at the end. You are only limited by your imagination!

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Loom Knit Curling I-Cord Tutorial

Stitch Note:  This method produces a nice, tightly woven curling, 3 stitch i-cord.

Multiple of 3 sts
Foundation Row:  Chain Cast on 3 pegs.
Row 1:  E-wrap peg 1 twice, pull bottom loop over top 2 sts (leaving 2 sts/loops on peg 1), knit pegs 2 and 3.
Row 2:  K2, k1/2.
Row 3:  Skip 1 wyib, k2.
Repeat rows 2 and 3.

Stitch Key:

k1/2 = Knit 1 stitch over 2 stitches.  Lay working yarn over 2 existing sts on peg and pull the bottom stitch over the top 2 sts, leaving 2 sts on the peg.

Skip1 wyib = Skip 1 stitch with the yarn in back of peg. 

sts = Stitches

K = u-knit or regular knit stitch (do not e-wrap knit when K is called for or your i-cord will look bulky and loose)

Thank you for Reading!

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Knit Pretty or Ugly, This Adorable Sweater Ornament Is Holiday Fun For The Tree!

I've always loved knit Christmas Ornaments but have never had the time to make them until now. The tiny little knit sweaters have always tugged at my heart strings and I'm so excited to bring you this pattern since it can be adapted to look any way the loom knitter wants it just by changing the yarn colors and little designs applied after knitting. I hope you enjoy this pattern as much as I have.

#loomknitsweaterornament #loomknittingpatterns #freeloomknittingpatterns #loomknit #Freeloomknittingpatterns #loomknitchristmasornaments #knitchristmasornaments #loomknitchristmaspatterns


  • Yarn:  Wool Ease Thick and Quick, Any Color. Super Bulky yarn is used for this pattern. If changing yarn weight sizes will differ.
  • Knitting Tool
  • 12 peg flower loom
Level:  Confident beginner. Read pattern through, if you understand the steps you'll be able to complete it!

Finished Size:  4" tall x 5 1/2" from tip of sleeve to tip of sleeve spread. Sweater Middle is 2 1/4" wide.

Pattern Notes:  This is a foundation pattern for an ornament sweater...Add stripes by alternating colors or add any design you would like to your little sweater, use your imagination! 


Foundation Row: E-wrap cast on all pegs with 1 strand yarn (super bulky).
Round 1 and 2:  *k1, p1, repeat from * to end of round.
Rounds 3-12:  u-knit
Begin Sleeve round. Work in short rows, flat panel. turn to go in the opposite direction at the end of the row. Sleeve is knit in 2 pieces over 3 pegs.
Row 13:  K5, turn.
Rows 14-19:  K3, turn.
Rows 20-21:  K1, p1, k1, turn.
Bind off 3 stitches for sleeve.
Begin 2nd sleeve over 3 pegs.
E-wrap cast on the same 3 pegs you just bound off of.
Rows 1 and 2:  K1, p1, k1.
Rows 3-9:  k3
Begin 2nd sleeve...
Row 1:  k6, turn.
Rows 2-7:  K3, turn.
Rows 8-9:  K1, p1, k1.
Bind off 3 pegs.
E-wrap Cast on the same 3 pegs. Start 2nd side of sleeve...
Rows 1 and 2:  K1, p1, k1.
Rows 3-9:  k3
Begin working in the round again. Make note of your new peg 1.
Rounds 1 and 2:  *K1, p1, repeat from *.
Chain one bind off all sts pulling your sts as tight as possible to form neck of sweater.
Finish:  Using mattress stitch to seam, close both sides of the sleeves using the long tails at the ends of the sleeves.

Optional:  Decorate using duplicate or straight sts!

If you enjoyed this pattern, here is another loom knit Christmas Pattern: Loom Knit Candy Cane Pattern

I hope you enjoyed this post. Happy Looming and Holidays to All!

Copyright, 2015, This Moment is Good, Nicole F. Cox, All rights reserved.

Easy Needle Felted Christmas Ornaments Using Cookie Cutters and Raw Wool!

I try to make handmade gifts each year to give to my family. This year I'm short on time so I needed to come up with an idea that I could do quickly. I bought a Jacob wool fleece at the sheep and wool festival and thought it would be perfect to use for holiday gift making. Don't worry, you do not need a fleece. this works just as well with roving. I didn't get a full tutorial done but it's really quite easy. Below is a quick synopsis of what I did.

This is a fun way to make ornaments for the whole family. Just grab some wool roving or raw clean wool and a starter needle felting kit (under $20). Stuff your cookie cutter with wool and stab lightly with the needles. The wool immediately begins to felt.

Above the cutter has been filled with roving and felted. Make sure you flip it over several times to felt it completely. You can add wool to make it as thick as possible. I later added darker brown wool to the top and bottom of the mitten and free handed a design on each mitten. Finish your ornament by going around all the edges.

 I used wool yarn as the hanger and needle felted that to the top of the ornament. I made 2 mittens and connected them.

When you start feeling more confident try other cookie cutters, like this gingerbread man. One caution: be careful with these needles, they are sharp.

*I've made several sculptures also. I'll do a post later showing them.

Happy  Holidays and Thank you for reading!
Quick & Easy I-Cord Christmas Ornaments

Nothing says Christmas like the humble Candy Cane. This is a great project to do with older children who are interested in learning to loom.  Each candy cane can be made in under 15 minutes. Follow the easy tutorial below.

1.  Make an 8 inch i-cord on the loom (any loom is fine, the large plastic looms were used to make the above samples) Use Super Bulky Yarn, Wool Ease thick and quick (Red Beacon) was used in samples.
Foundation Row:  E-wrap Cast on 3 pegs.
Row 1:  Knit peg 1, knit peg 3, knit peg 2.
Repeat row 1 until knitting is 8" long, then bind off.

2.  Thread your cast off tail through a yarn needle and thread your end through the back of the knitting, coming out where you would like the bend of your candy cane to be.

3. Secure the bend in your candy cane by going back and forth between the sides twice. Secure and weave in your end.

4.  Add a quick hanger by threading a piece of yarn through your knitting and tying a knot at the end. Adorn them with a bow or wind colorful yarn around plainer colored canes securing as you go by threading the yarn through loops on the back.

TIP:  These would be really cute made into a garland!

Enjoy the Holidays and Happy Looming! Thank you for reading.

2015, Copyright, This Moment is Good, Nicole F. Cox, All rights reserved.
Keep your little one’s hands warm with this adorable hand warmer/muff.  Muff is designed to hang around the neck and can be customized for length. This loom knitting project is quick to make!  It can also be made longer to accommodate an adults hands too. It can be knit for the holidays, as seen in the picture, or use a solid color yarn for all year use. This is a nice, quick gift idea!

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Loom Knit Peppermint Muff

Level:  Confident beginner
Finished Measurements:  6 ½” Long, 10” around.
Designer:  Nicole F. Cox

  • 24 peg, large gauge round loom (plastic, example Blue Knifty Knitter)
  • Knitting tool
  • Crochet hook
  • Measuring tape
  • Canvas washable ribbon (optional) – 1”wide by 8”
  • Yarn:  1 skein, Wool Ease Thick and Quick, Lion Brand, 82% acrylic, 10 % wool, 8% rayon, 106 yards, 97m.

Ø Color:  #607, Red Beacon.

Pattern Notes
  • Muff is knit in the round as one piece.
  • i-cord is worked on one end of the muff then seamed to the other side of the muff.

Ewk = e-wrap knit
K = knit (u-knit or regular knit stitch may be used)
P = purl
2 stitch i-cord = *knit peg 2, then knit peg 1, continue from * until i-cord reaches desired length.


Foundation row:  Chain cast on 24 pegs with 1 strand MC; join to work in the round.
Rnds 1-3:  *K1, p1, repeat from * to end.
Rnds 4-19:  ewk

Use a measuring tape and check that your knitting is 5 ½” inches, add rows here if necessary before doing border. For adult size, Work until knitting reaches 9 inches before doing border. Note: You may customize length of muff by adding or subtracting e-wrap knit rows in this section.

Rnds 20-22:  *K1, p1, repeat from * to end.

Bind off 22 pegs and begin 2 stitch i-cord on the last 2 pegs.
Keep knitting i-cord until it reaches 30 inches then bind off. To custom fit muff measure child from neck to waist (double measurement). It is better to make it long as it can be knotted at the back of the neck to shorten.
Seam i-cord to other end of muff, making sure it is even on both sides.

  • Weave in ends.
  • Optional: Make a bow using ribbon and attach it to one side of i-cord where it joins the muff.

I hope you enjoyed this free loom knitting pattern! If you are looking for more patterns please check out our Etsy store here:  Etsy Store

Copyright, 2015, This Moment is Good, Nicole F. Cox, all rights reserved.

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These three loom knitting patterns are now available on my Etsy Store Here: Loom Knit Hoods with Cowl Patterns

You can buy them as a set or individually! They are available in both toddler and child size.

Loom Knit Zebra Hood with Cowl

Loom Knit Fox Hood with Cowl

Loom Knit Puppy Dog Hood with Cowl

Thank You For Reading! Happy Looming!

2015, copyright, this moment is good, Nicole F. Cox, all rights reserved.

#loomknittingstitches #eyeletsontheloom #staggeredeyeletstitch #loomknittingtutorials #freeloomknittingpatterns #loom knitting stitches #loomknit #loomknittingpatterns #loomknittingstitchlibrary

I've been working hard converting needle knitting stitches to the knitting loom. I've made a lot of progress and am almost half way to my goal of 200 stitches! I hope to compile them eventually into a concise Loom Knitting Stitch Library but that is probably a couple years away. Today I thought I'd share one of my stitch conversions. This stitch sample was knit on the 1/2" peg spaced, CinDWood loom but can be done on any loom using the given peg multiples. 2 strands of 4 worsted yarn was used. This stitch can be made in any weight and is very versatile. It would be very pretty for a little girls dress in a lighter weight yarn!

Staggered Eyelets

Knitted in a multiple of 4 + 3 sts
Row 1 Knit all sts.
Row 2 Knit
Row 3 K2, * yo-k2tog, k2 ; repeat from * to last st, k1.
Row 4 Knit
Row 5 Knit
Row 6 Knit
Row 7 * yo-k2tog, k2; repeat from * to last 3 sts, yo-k2tog, k1.
Row 8 Knit

Repeat rows 1-8.

Yarn over, knit/purl 2 together. Move stitch/loop from peg 1 to peg 2. Lay working yarn in front of peg 1 and go to peg 2. Knit/purl the stitches on peg 2 as one.

Thank You For Reading! Happy Looming To All!
New Free Loom Knitting Pattern
By Nicole of This Moment is Good
#freeloomknittingpatterns #mugcozy #loomknit #mugsleeve #loomknitting #buttonmugcozy #cablemugcozy #knitting #woolmugcozypattern #pattern #knittingpatterns #loomknitmugsleeve #button

The autumn winds have started and before we know it, there will be snow on the ground in the north east. At this time of year I always crave a hot mug of hot chocolate or pumpkin spice coffee. What a nice luxury it will be to have these loom knit cabled mug cozies around our cups this year.

Make a couple for yourself and a couple for a friend! They make a great, inexpensive, gift wrapped around a mug filled with hot chocolate, tea, coffee and marshmallow packs too.

Finished Measurements:  3" wide x 12" long (can be made to any length). You can also increase width by adding Knits/purls on edge stitches.
Difficulty:  Intermediate (cable, knits, purls) Video is available for cable stitch. See link below.
Gauge: Not necessary to complete this pattern.

  • Any 3/4" peg spacing loom (kk, boye, Nicole, CinDWood, etc.)
  • Knitting tool
  • Crochet hook
  • Measuring tape
  • Button (medium to large)
  • Yarn:  Any 5 to 6 weight lofty wool or cotton (heat resistant) or you can use 2 strands 4 weight yarn (used as 1 strand). Wool blends are acceptable for this pattern. Paton's bulky/Encore Mega used for samples seen in photos.
Pattern Notes
  • Knit as flat panel.
  • Measure the circumference of mug and minus 2", this is the length you will knit to.
  • A video for how to do the 6-st RC can be found here:  6 st-RC


Foundation Row:  Chain Cast on 10 pegs with 1 (bulky) or 2 strands (worsted) yarn.

Rows 1-5:  K1, p1, k6, p1, k1.
Row 6:       K1, p1, 6-st RC, p1, k1.
repeat rows 1-6 until knitting measures above measurement of mug circumference. It's better if the cozy is a little short as it will stretch out with use.
Begin decreasing end of cozy...
Next: Move 1st and last stitch inward one peg (decrease 2)
Row 1:  K1, p6, k1.
Row 2:  K8
Next: Move 1st and last stitch inward one peg (decrease 2)
Row 3:  K6
Row 4:  K1, p4, k1.
Next:  Move 1st and last stitch inward one peg (decrease 2)
Row 5:  K4
Next:  Move 1st and last stitch inward one peg (decrease 2)
Row 6:  K2
Bind off.
Finish:  Make a 1-1/2" loop with cast off tail; secure with knot and weave in end.  Sew on a Medium size button on the other side of cozy. See picture.


Copyright, 2015, all rights reserved, This moment is good, Nicole F. Cox. You may link to this blog, do not copy and paste content.
#loomknitmittspattern #freeloomknittingpatterns #loomknit #loomknitfingerlessgloves #loomknitting #vintage #footballknits #football #knitting #loomknitting #NFL #knits

A new loom knitting pattern for the Fall 2015 Football Season on Etsy. My husband and I are big football fans and I love to dress up for game day.  I love vintage looking football gear and designed this pattern to go along with that style.  I also have a lot of family and friends that love sports so these Loom Knit Mitts will make perfect gifts!

Pattern Description: These fingerless mitts will add a touch of old time elegance to the sporty girls' wardrobe. The mitts feature a knit, open thumb, old fashioned laces and a feminine bobble border on the hand.

Tip:  re-imagine this pattern by knitting it in a single color wool. It would make an elegant reading mitt! Or make them fun and trendy by knitting it in a variegated wool.

Level:  Beginner to Intermediate. All directions are included.

Check out the pattern here:  Loom Knit Fingerless Mitts Pattern

General loom knitting instruction is available here on my YouTube Channel: 
This Moment is Good on YouTube

2015, copyright, this moment is good, Nicole F. Cox, all rights reserved.
Loom Knit a beautiful garter stitch cotton scarf using only knits and purls! This scarf works on any loom using pima or other soft cotton or a cotton blend!
#loomknitscarf #freeloomknittingpatterns #loomknitgarterstitchscarf #garterstitch #cottonscarf #ladies #women #loomknit #loom #loomknitting #winter #scarf 

I saw this scarf and fell in love with its' simplicity. I can almost feel the cozy cotton when I look at it. Read below to see how you can "Get the Look" of this natural everyday scarf on the loom.
  • Any loom medium gauge or larger
  • Knitting tool/pick
  • Crochet hook
  • Measuring tape
  • Yarn Ideas:  Pima Cotton or Pima Cotton blend such as Comfy, knit picks. Color: Ivory, worsted weight (use 2 strands as one for a chunkier look) Or Juniper Moon Neve 100% Cotton, Color: Sandbox. Cascade also makes a 100% pima cotton yarn: Color: Natural

Instructions For how to make this type of scarf...

First decide how wide you would like your scarf; Measure out this distance from peg 1 on your loom til the measurement is reached then add 5 pegs. This will allow for normal shrinkage and skipping a peg at the beginning of your row. The above scarf is extra wide but you can make it any width you want. Loom knit about 2 inches and check for proper width.

  • Foundation row:  Chain Cast on all pegs with 2 strands yarn used as one.
  • Row 1:  skip 1, knit all.
  • Row 2:  skip 1, purl all.
  • Repeat rows 1 and 2 until desired length is reached. A good rule of thumb is to make your scarf as long as the recipient is tall.
  • Chain one bind off.
  • Weave in all ends.
  • Enjoy wearing your lovely new cotton, garter stitch scarf!
I hope you are enjoying this new series of blog posts...I feel that loom knitters are seriously lacking in patterns and hope to bring many more ideas on how you can get similar knit looks on the loom.  I can't possibly keep up with all the ideas running through my head, let alone knit all the samples. Let me know what you think!

Thank you for Reading... Happy Loom Knitting!
How to do this simple, yet adorable, knit hat on the Loom!
#knithat #loomknithat #pattern #freeloomknittingpatterns #winterhat #loom #loomknitting #patterns #stripes #knits #loomknit #cute #babyhats #childrenshats

"Get The Look: Stockinette hat!"
I found this adorable hat on the Internet (stock photo) and fell in love with it and wanted to show you how to do this on the loom. The hat gets it's look from a rolled up brim (no ribbing needed, get your curl on!), strongly contrasting stripes and an abruptly decreased crown. Below you'll find the instructions for how to get a similar look on the Loom! This is going to be the first post of a new series I'm calling "get the look!". These posts will give you instructions for how to achieve similar looking knits on the loom, opening up new possibilities.

  • Any round loom of your choice (please remember that the above hat was done using medium to small knitting needles so the smaller gauge of your loom the closer it will look like the above hat) I recommend 5/8", 1/2" gauge or smaller.
  • Another smaller round loom (to transfer your sts to)
  • Knitting tool
  • Measuring tape
  • Crochet hook
  • Yarn: 2 colors (weight will vary depending on loom used) Do a swatch 1st to get desired gauge. To get the look in the picture, I recommend #5 weight wool (1 strand) with a 5/8" or 1/2" peg spacing loom.
  • Using MC, Chain or true cable cast on all pegs, join to work in the round.
  • Row 1:  Knit (you may use the regular knit st or the u-knit stitch for this hat)
  • Repeat row 1 until your hat reaches the desired length (at least 8" for adult, 5" for baby, 5-7" for child). Change colors every 5 rows for the striped effect above.
  • Now divide the # of pegs on your loom by 4; you will transfer your sts onto a stitch holder or piece of yarn in groups of 4, keeping them in order.
  • Place your sts onto a smaller loom (equally divided by 4), keeping them as evenly spaced as possible. Remember, the less sts/pegs you have, the more decrease at the crown.
  • Next row:  Knit (knit any pegs with 2 or more sts as one)
  • Next 2 rows: Knit
  • Decrease crown again by moving every third peg to the next peg, knit over (just the pegs with 2 sts)
  • Bind off using the gather method.
  • Weave in your ends.
Thank you for reading.
Happy Looming!

copyright, 2015, thismomentisgood, Nicole F. Cox, all rights reserved.
#freeloomknittingpatterns #loomknitscarfpattern #mohair #scarf #loomknit #pattern #patterns #loomknittingbook #patternbook #lacescarf #loomknitlacescarf #ladiescarf

Summer is ending and it's time to celebrate a couple of milestones here at This Moment is Good. My book Round Loom Knitting in 10 Easy Lessons is up for pre-order on Amazon. It's been a long year of hard work but the book has come together. While it's a beginner book, there is something for everyone! 30 Stylish Loom Knitting Patterns (from beginner to advanced) are included. You can pre-order the book here:  Round Loom Knitting in 10 Easy Lessons. I hope you will check it out and thank you in advance for your support.

Round Loom Knitting in 10 Easy Lessons by Nicole F. Cox

We are also celebrating 1/2 Million visits to my blog this month! I can't thank my readers enough for helping to make this blog a successful one and I hope to keep bringing you interesting content. So to celebrate, I wanted to come up with a special free loom knitting pattern to give you. I came up with the Summer Gatherings Scarf.

This scarf is truly special and I think any woman would feel beautiful wearing it. It is made from kid mohair and silk and has a light and airy feel while still being warm and snuggly. It's bright and cheery color will bring a touch of summer to your wardrobe. I used skip/slip stitch to keep the body of the scarf light while opening it up further with rows of eyelets. After loom knitting, the scarf is gently gathered at the sides, giving it a billowy effect.


Difficulty Level:  Confident Beginner
Gauge: 11 sts and 14 rows = 4” in Twisted Stockinette
Finished Measurements: Any length and 12” wide when using loom with ½” peg spacing.

v 1/2” peg spacing loom (35 pegs minimum), CinDWood 36 peg loom used in sample.
v Knitting tool
v Crochet hook
v Measuring tape
v Yarn Needle
v Yarn: 
o   MC:  2 Balls, Knit Picks, Aloft, 72% Super Kid Mohair, 28% Silk, 260 yards/23 grams, Lace Weight, Color: #P861, Name: Daisy.

Pattern Notes:
ü  Scarf is worked as flat panel.
ü  Scarf is gathered on the 2nd set of eyelets with a needle and yarn.
ü  This scarf is versatile when made long and can be wrapped in several different ways.
ü  You can try other looms with this pattern but finished measurements and look will vary. (see our conversion chart on this blog to help with sizing)

Pattern Key
Ewk = e-wrap knit
Skip1 = Skip one peg
Wyib = with yarn in back (of peg)
MC = main color
K = knit
u-k = u-knit (wrap yarn around front and back of peg (forming the U) and knit bottom stitch over top stitch.
Yo-k2tog = yarn over, knit 2 together. Move stitch from peg 1 to peg 2. Lay working yarn over peg 1 and knit the 2 stitches as one on peg 2.

Tips for working with Mohair: Use good light, Mohair is thin and can be hard to see. Mohair is strong once knit but it’s important not to make your sts too tight as it can break when pulling sts over the pegs!

Scarf Pattern

        Foundation row: Chain cast on 35 pegs with 2 strands MC.
§  Rows 1 and 3:  u-knit
§  Rows 2 and 4:  purl
§  Row 5:  *ewk1, skip1 wyib, repeat from * to end of row.
§  Row 6:  *skip1 wyib, ewk1, repeat from * to end of row.
§  Rows 7-30:  Repeat rows 5 and 6 (12) times.
§  Row 31;  ewk
§  Row 32:  Skip1 wyib, *u-k1, yo-k2tog, repeat from * to last peg, k1.
§  Rows 33-36:  Repeat rows 31 and 32 (2) times.
§  Row 37:  ewk
§  Repeat rows 5-37 until scarf reaches desired length (this scarf looks best when it hits about mid-thigh). Leave enough measurement for last section below.
§  Now repeat rows 5-30 (1 time).
§  Next row:  purl
§  Next row:  u-knit
§  Next row:  purl
§  Next row:  u-knit
§  Finishing: Gather sides of scarf gently (at middle row of eyelets) using a yarn needle and a short length of yarn). See pictures for more info.

1. Weave yarn needle in and out of middle row of eyelets, coming up just before the 4th eyelet on each side. 2. Tie the yarn to the side of the scarf in a knot. 3. Weave in ends with yarn needle. 4. Add 4" fringe, 2 strands per stitch.

Thank You For Reading, Happy Looming!

Copyright, This Moment is Good, Nicole F. Cox, all rights reserved.

Please check out my latest pattern on Etsy. It would make a great accessory for this fall season or a beautiful Holiday gift for someone special.
#loomknittingpatterns #loomknitscarf #loomknitscarflet #loomknitascot #leaf #leaves #loomknitlace #lace #loomknit #leafscarf #knit #knitting #keyholescarf #freeloomknittingpatterns

You can find this Loom Knitting Pattern here:

Pattern Description...

Beauty meets function in this loom knit ascot/scarflet. Each leaf is accented by a mock cable up the center, surrounded by lacework set in a garter stitch. Ribbing at the top of each leaf creates the stem of the leaf. A keyhole, in the ribbing, is formed on one side to hold the scarf neatly at the neck. The center of the scarf is done in stockinette with a garter and eyelet border.

Skill Level:  Advanced. This pattern requires increasing, decreasing, mock cables, ribbing, and knowledge of working in sections on the loom. A glossary of stitch terms is included.

Loom needed:  A loom with 1/2" peg spacing is needed to achieve proper size. You will need at least 22 pegs. (the 66 peg CinDWood Loom was used to loom knit the sample)

Thank You For Reading! Check back often for new patterns. Also, don't forget to check out all the free patterns available on this blog!

My new loom knitting pattern designs will introduce you to some intermediate to advanced work you can do on the loom! Each of the three patterns is unique and features techniques like mosaic knitting, eyelets, short row shaping, ruffles and ruching. Please check out these patterns on Etsy if you're looking for something new and exciting to Loom Knit for the fall season.

#loomknitruffles #loomkniteyelets #loomknitmosaics #loomknittingpatterns #freeloomknittingpatterns #loomknitscarves #loomknithats #patterns #loomknitcowls #romanic #ladies #womensloomknits #loomknitting

Ruffles and Romance Scarf
by Nicole F. Cox

Loom Knit Mosaic Hat and Cowl Set
by Nicole F. Cox

Loom Knit Painted Ripples Scarf
By Nicole F. Cox

Thank You For Reading!

2015, Nicole F. Cox, This Moment Is Good, all rights reserved.

Make Beautiful and Functional Furniture and Garden Accessories Out Of Old Pallets...

Table made out of old pallets

The above table was made using about 3 pallets. We used a deck recker to pull the wood apart (this tool makes fast work of taking the pallets apart). We kept the frame in tact and just lined up the wood slats and nailed them in place for the top of the table. I used the framing from the other pallets to make the planter/ice box on top of the table and also for the legs. The box was mitered. 

The box can be used as a planter or filled with ice for drinks!

We also made a potting bench. The idea came from a pin on Pinterest. My husband added an extension table so that I could sit at it and card my wool outside. We flipped a pallet on it's side at the top as a backboard for hanging tools. Just stack the pallets and nail together, taking slats out as you go to make your shelves.

We also made a planter box for my daughters Bridal Shower to hold pictures of the Bridesmaids...It has 3 tiers.

My husband made this herb carrier for me out of pallet wood. My herbs are very happy! Plus, it's easy to carry into the kitchen.

Here is the pallet wood we started with. Pallets come in different sizes and thickness so be prepared to cut a little with a table or miter saw. My husband finds the pallets on the side of the road and isn't shy about going into businesses to ask for them. For the most parts these projects were free except for the nails, paint, stain and the pressure treated top we put on the potting bench (this is not necessary...we just chose to add it for longevity).

I hope this gives you ideas for things that you can make using reclaimed wood. We are currently collecting old french doors and windows to make a greenhouse from. We will also be using pallet wood for this future project. I'll share the results when we get it done. We've already found 4 doors for this project!

Copyright, 2015,, Nicole F. Cox, all rights reserved. Please link to this blog post only, do not copy and paste content.

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