Have you wanted to personalize your loom knitting but always wondered how?
You can add lettering and pictures to stockinette with a method called duplicate stitch. Duplicate stitch does exactly what its' name describes, it duplicates the v's made by the knit stitch. It does take a little planning before you begin your loom knitting project. You'll want to make sure your project has an area of stockinette stitch (knit stitch). Do not use the twisted stockinette stitch (e-wrap knit). There are many free charts available online for lettering and little motifs. Get creative, it's fun!

How to duplicate stitch

1. Thread a tapestry needle with a long length of yarn.

2. Entering from back of knitting to front, bring your needle up through the bottom of the V. Then go up 1 stitch and bring your needle behind that stitch.

3. Pull the yarn completely through. You now have half of your V duplicated.

4.  Take your needle down through the bottom of the V (this is where you started).

You have now completed your duplicate stitch!

Things to remember about Duplicate Stitch!
  • Like all embroidery, it will stiffen the fabric up as it makes it double thick in those areas.
  • It is used on Stockinette Stitch, in loom knitting you may use the u-knit, flat knit or regular knit stitch.
  • Try to keep the back of your knitting as neat as possible if it will be seen (blankets, etc.)
  •  It's easy to accidentally split your yarn in the back of the knitting by taking your yarn through itself, try to avoid this as it will make it impossible to tighten your stitches and leave loops on the back.
  • You can do lettering or motifs, you can even incorporate cross stitch patterns, just use the duplicate stitch instead of x's in those blocks.
Thank you for reading, happy loom knitting!-Nicole
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