Welcome To Our Color Series

Color is affects our mood, inspires us and makes us feel more creative!

Hello, below you will find links to the entire color series. Each blog post covers a different topic on loom knitting using different color techniques. The loom is not limited and you can do wonderful colorwork like stripes, intarsia, Fair Isle, mosaic and slip stitch knitting. Also, this series will help you solve the jog when knitting in the round and find color inspiration. Take your time and enjoy this series with us!-Nicole

The series includes

  • Topic 1: Beginners! Simple Colorwork on the loom including, self-striping, variegated yarn, stripes and color changes, vertical and horizontal colorwork CLICK HERE
  • Topic 2:  How to fix the jog when knitting stripes.CLICK HERE
  • Topic 3:  Fair Isle loom knitting CLICK HERE
  • Topic 4:  Intarsia on the loom CLICK HERE
  • Topic 5:  Mosaic & Skip/slip Stitch Loom Knitting CLICK HERE
  • Topic 6:  Finding color inspiration CLICK HERE
  • All the topics will include video links where applicable.


Meghann Metz said...

I love your work on loom and photography. I have been wanting to try colorwork but not worked up the courage yet! You are very inspiring. Keep up the AWESOME work. Truly appreciate your time in teaching all this to us!!

R M said...


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