To kick off the Holiday Shopping Season, this Loom Knit Skinny Santa Scarf Pattern will be free from Black Friday until Christmas. It will be available on We will also be having a sale on all patterns on Black Friday and Cyber Monday...exciting stuff! Click here for the pattern:  Free Loom Knitting Pattern Here!
Happy Looming and Thanks for Reading!-Nicole

The Holidays are here! I thought I would kick off the season with a couple of Loom Knit Christmas Ornament Patterns. First, there's Ol' Saint Nicholas. He's a skinny style Santa with a bobble nose and bow mustache. Next, there's a cute christmas tree with a simple bobble to decorate its' top. Both ornaments are super quick and designed as stash busters. Only yarn weights are given so use whatever you have in your stash, get creative with your own yarn choices! I hope everyone enjoys these patterns and the upcoming holiday season. As always, happy Loom Knitting!-Nicole

Loom Knit Skinny Santa Ornament (free pattern)

MC = White, Fuzzy # 5 yarn.
CC = Tan, # 5 or 2 strands #4.
CC1 =Red, #5 tweedy type yarn.
CC2 = Black sparkly, #4 weight

Loom = 3/8" peg spacing, any brand.

Key (both patterns)
ewk = e-wrap knit 
sts = Stitches
MB = Make Bobble. E-wrap knit peg 4 times, lift 1st e-wrap knit back up on to peg. (hint: it's helpful to place a stitch holder on the 1st e-wrap knit for easy lifting). e- wrap knit remaining sts together.
k2tog = Knit two together. Move the stitch from peg 1 to peg 2. Knit the sts together on peg 2. (decrease 1)
Ssk = Slip, slip knit. Move the stitch from peg 2 to peg 1. Knit the sts on peg 1 together. (decrease 1).

Foundation row:  E-wrap Cast on 1 peg with MC.
Row 1:  ewk
Row 2:  E-wrap cast on one peg, ewk to end, e-wrap cast on one empty peg (increase 2 sts)
Repeat rows 1 and 2 until there are (9) pegs with stitches on them.
Next 3 rows:  ewk
Next row:  K2tog, ewk to last 2 sts, ssk. (hint:  Just move your two end sts in by one, decrease 2 sts, 7 sts remaining on the loom).
Cut MC. Begin working with CC.

Santas Face
Rows 1-5:  U-Knit
Row 6:  U-knit 3, MB, u-knit 3.
Rows 7-9:  u-knit
Cut CC. Begin working with MC.

Santa's Hat
Rows 1-3:  e-wrap knit in MC.
Cut MC. Begin working with CC1.
Row 4:  Ewk
Row 5:  Purl
Rows 6-7:  Repeat rows 4-5 (1 time).
Row 8:  K2tog, ewk to last 2 sts, ssk.
Repeat rows 4-8 until there is only one stitch left on loom.
Next row:  Make Bobble using MC. Before binding off loom, tie CC1 and MC together.
Bind off.
Finish:  Weave in all ends. Use CC2 to make eyes above nose across 1 stitch. See picture for placement. Tie a bow under santa's nose for mustache, use MC. Tie a strand of CC1 to use as ornament holder to top back of ornament.

Loom Knit Christmas Tree Ornament (free pattern)

Yarn = #5 or #6 Bulky Weight, green.
Loom = 3/8" Peg spacing loom, any type.

Foundation row:  Chain CO 3 pegs with 1 strand yarn.
Row 1:  ewk
Row 2:  Purl
Row 3:  Ewk
Row 4:  Cast on 4 pegs, purl to end, Cast on 4 pegs. (any cast on method you like) [11 sts]
Row 5:  Ewk
Row 6:  purl
Row 7-8:  Repeat rows 5 and 6 (1 time).
Row 9:  Bind off 3 pegs, ewk to end, Bind off 3 pegs. [5 sts]
Row 10:  Purl
Row 11:  Cast on 2 pegs, ewk to end, cast on 2 pegs. [9 sts]
Row 12:  Purl
Rows 13:  Ewk
Row 14:  Purl
Row 15:  Bind off 3 pegs, ewk to end, Bind off 3 pegs. [3 sts]
Row 16:  Purl
Row 17:  Cast on 2 pegs, ewk to end, cast on 2 pegs. [7 sts]
Row 18:  Purl
Row 19:  K2tog, ewk to last 2 sts, ssk. [5 sts]
Row 20:  Purl
Row 21:  K2tog, ewk1, ssk. [3 sts]
Row 22:  Purl
Row 23:  K2tog, ssk. [1 st]
Create bobble at the top of the tree (see above).

Finish:  Weave in ends. Tie a strand of yarn at the top back of ornament as a hanger.

Happy Loom Knitting and Thanks For Reading!-Nicole

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