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A new loom knitting pattern for the Fall 2015 Football Season on Etsy. My husband and I are big football fans and I love to dress up for game day.  I love vintage looking football gear and designed this pattern to go along with that style.  I also have a lot of family and friends that love sports so these Loom Knit Mitts will make perfect gifts!

Pattern Description: These fingerless mitts will add a touch of old time elegance to the sporty girls' wardrobe. The mitts feature a knit, open thumb, old fashioned laces and a feminine bobble border on the hand.

Tip:  re-imagine this pattern by knitting it in a single color wool. It would make an elegant reading mitt! Or make them fun and trendy by knitting it in a variegated wool.

Level:  Beginner to Intermediate. All directions are included.

Check out the pattern here:  Loom Knit Fingerless Mitts Pattern

General loom knitting instruction is available here on my YouTube Channel: 
This Moment is Good on YouTube

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