Needle Felting With Wool!

Easy Needle Felted Christmas Ornaments Using Cookie Cutters and Raw Wool!

I try to make handmade gifts each year to give to my family. This year I'm short on time so I needed to come up with an idea that I could do quickly. I bought a Jacob wool fleece at the sheep and wool festival and thought it would be perfect to use for holiday gift making. Don't worry, you do not need a fleece. this works just as well with roving. I didn't get a full tutorial done but it's really quite easy. Below is a quick synopsis of what I did.

This is a fun way to make ornaments for the whole family. Just grab some wool roving or raw clean wool and a starter needle felting kit (under $20). Stuff your cookie cutter with wool and stab lightly with the needles. The wool immediately begins to felt.

Above the cutter has been filled with roving and felted. Make sure you flip it over several times to felt it completely. You can add wool to make it as thick as possible. I later added darker brown wool to the top and bottom of the mitten and free handed a design on each mitten. Finish your ornament by going around all the edges.

 I used wool yarn as the hanger and needle felted that to the top of the ornament. I made 2 mittens and connected them.

When you start feeling more confident try other cookie cutters, like this gingerbread man. One caution: be careful with these needles, they are sharp.

*I've made several sculptures also. I'll do a post later showing them.

Happy  Holidays and Thank you for reading!

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