Use these loom knit curling i-cords at the top of pumpkins as vines or on garments with falling snowflakes at the end. You are only limited by your imagination!

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Loom Knit Curling I-Cord Tutorial

Stitch Note:  This method produces a nice, tightly woven curling, 3 stitch i-cord.

Multiple of 3 sts
Foundation Row:  Chain Cast on 3 pegs.
Row 1:  E-wrap peg 1 twice, pull bottom loop over top 2 sts (leaving 2 sts/loops on peg 1), knit pegs 2 and 3.
Row 2:  K2, k1/2.
Row 3:  Skip 1 wyib, k2.
Repeat rows 2 and 3.

Stitch Key:

k1/2 = Knit 1 stitch over 2 stitches.  Lay working yarn over 2 existing sts on peg and pull the bottom stitch over the top 2 sts, leaving 2 sts on the peg.

Skip1 wyib = Skip 1 stitch with the yarn in back of peg. 

sts = Stitches

K = u-knit or regular knit stitch (do not e-wrap knit when K is called for or your i-cord will look bulky and loose)

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