Loom Knit Child's Handwarmer/Muff Pattern!

Keep your little one’s hands warm with this adorable hand warmer/muff.  Muff is designed to hang around the neck and can be customized for length. This loom knitting project is quick to make!  It can also be made longer to accommodate an adults hands too. It can be knit for the holidays, as seen in the picture, or use a solid color yarn for all year use. This is a nice, quick gift idea!

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Loom Knit Peppermint Muff

Level:  Confident beginner
Finished Measurements:  6 ½” Long, 10” around.
Designer:  Nicole F. Cox

  • 24 peg, large gauge round loom (plastic, example Blue Knifty Knitter)
  • Knitting tool
  • Crochet hook
  • Measuring tape
  • Canvas washable ribbon (optional) – 1”wide by 8”
  • Yarn:  1 skein, Wool Ease Thick and Quick, Lion Brand, 82% acrylic, 10 % wool, 8% rayon, 106 yards, 97m.

Ø Color:  #607, Red Beacon.

Pattern Notes
  • Muff is knit in the round as one piece.
  • i-cord is worked on one end of the muff then seamed to the other side of the muff.

Ewk = e-wrap knit
K = knit (u-knit or regular knit stitch may be used)
P = purl
2 stitch i-cord = *knit peg 2, then knit peg 1, continue from * until i-cord reaches desired length.


Foundation row:  Chain cast on 24 pegs with 1 strand MC; join to work in the round.
Rnds 1-3:  *K1, p1, repeat from * to end.
Rnds 4-19:  ewk

Use a measuring tape and check that your knitting is 5 ½” inches, add rows here if necessary before doing border. For adult size, Work until knitting reaches 9 inches before doing border. Note: You may customize length of muff by adding or subtracting e-wrap knit rows in this section.

Rnds 20-22:  *K1, p1, repeat from * to end.

Bind off 22 pegs and begin 2 stitch i-cord on the last 2 pegs.
Keep knitting i-cord until it reaches 30 inches then bind off. To custom fit muff measure child from neck to waist (double measurement). It is better to make it long as it can be knotted at the back of the neck to shorten.
Seam i-cord to other end of muff, making sure it is even on both sides.

  • Weave in ends.
  • Optional: Make a bow using ribbon and attach it to one side of i-cord where it joins the muff.

I hope you enjoyed this free loom knitting pattern! If you are looking for more patterns please check out our Etsy store here:  Etsy Store

Copyright, 2015, This Moment is Good, Nicole F. Cox, all rights reserved.

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