Happy Mothers Day To All!

It's a yearly tradition for my husband and I to spend Mother's Day weekend getting back into our garden and getting the yard spruced up for summer.  This year we worked on a project I've been wanting to do for 15 years!  I'm beyond excited...We finally put in drip irrigation to the window boxes and hanging baskets on the porch.  No more daily watering these hard to reach places. 
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     One of my favorite things are window boxes.  I love when the flowers spill over the sides and the plants grow high enough to be seen from inside the house.  As much as I love the look of window boxes, I hate watering them.  Our window screens do not open so you can't do it from inside.  I had to direct the hose up at them and hope some of the water actually got in the boxes.  The plants would soon become stressed from drying out or my forgetfulness.  Not to mention that it was a colossal waste of water doing it that way. I looked into getting drip irrigation kits but they were between $200 and $300.  Needless to say, I didn't want to spend that much.  

     Today we took a trip to Home Depot and looked in the plumbing section and found all the supplies we needed to do it ourselves;  1/4" clear hose, fittings and a timer.  It cost less then $70.00.  I already had a husband brave enough to climb up on a ladder and run the line to all the boxes.  He put 4 drips to each box for even watering.  I planted all the annuals in the boxes and pots while he did this.  Four flats of annuals were enough to fill 3 window boxes and all the pots you see.  I even have some plants left but did not get them planted because a storm came through.  I try not to over fill my boxes and pots.  I like them to have room to grow.  I wished I'd known years ago how easy, fun and cheap this project could be!

     I hope everyone has a Happy Mother's Day and you get to spend the weekend doing something you love!

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