We always look forward to Memorial Day weekend.  Whether we go camping or barbecue at home, it's always a fun time for us.  It's also the weekend we celebrate our daughters birthday.  This year we are planning a small family barbecue at our house.  I wanted to have all the preparations done a week in advance.  We have another family barbecue that weekend which will require about 5 hours driving. 
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     I spent the morning making the Patriotic Deco Mesh Wreath you see above.  I decided to keep it simple, with just a flag in the center.  Then I planted more annuals in pots and placed them on my porch.  I also put a few impatiens in an old watering can that I've had in my garden for years.  I added a flag to one of the pots and a country cottage sign I found in my travel trailer and I was done with the porch. 
     Our garden is in full bloom right now...I always get distracted from my "to do" list and start wandering around looking at my plants and planning my next gardening project.  The hydrangeas and ajuga are in full bloom next to our porch.  The phlox is thick and spreading nicely under one of our remaining Oak trees in the front yard.  Sadly, we lost most of our big Oaks during the storms here in New Jersey over the last few years.  The Day Lilies and Irises are waiting to bloom next to the Azaleas.  Spring is such an exciting time for a gardener.  No wonder I get so distracted!
I ended my day with a trip to the dollar store to get some more small flags and decorations for my mailbox.  I'll post more pictures in a later post!


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