This pretty rose uses my new scallop/crocodile stitch...

     I've spent the last month trying to mimic the crochet crocodile stitch with varied success on the loom.  I've settled on a stitch that looks more scalloped than the pointed tips of the crochet version.  I'm hoping that some day I or some other pattern designer will be more successful with getting the stitch even closer to the original version of the stitch.  I'm pretty happy with it and am glad to have this stitch in my arsenal now!  I wanted to share it with you because I think it opens up more creative avenues for us loom knitters.  So far I've done two patterns using this stitch.  One pattern is a baby bootie and the other is a slipper sock.  I have been wearing my slipper socks every day since I made them.  They are really cute!  I've also made fingerless gloves using the stitch but have yet to get the pattern written.  Below is the pattern for the rose and you can find the other patterns by clicking on the mini Etsy Store link on the right hand side of this post.
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  • Any yarn (sample uses Vanna's Choice (4), Color:  Mint)
  • Any loom (sample uses 42 pegs and makes a large 4" rose, pegs must be in multiples of 3 to use this stitch)
  • Knitting tool
  • Crochet hook
  • Yarn needle
  • Button for center of rose (optional)
Key:  Scallop Stitch/Crocodile Stitch

Scallop Stitch (SS):  Worked over 3 pegs.  E-wrap knit peg (1) 6x's (unless otherwise noted in parenthesis after abbreviation for stitch, example; SS (7).  Move stitches from peg (1) to peg (3). e-wrap pegs (2) and (1).  EWK pegs 1, 2, and 3.  Now, lift the connecting stitch before peg (1) and place it on peg (1).  Right side of knitting will be inside loom (inside out).  Repeat on next 3 pegs.

  • Crochet/Chain Cast on 42 Pegs.  You can alter number of pegs for a smaller rose, just make sure to count in 3's.  This pattern makes a large 4" rose.
  • You will only knit one row using the scallop stitch above...
  • Row 1 (pegs 1-21):  SS (7)
  • Row 1 (pegs 22-42):  SS (5)
  • Row 2:  purl
  • Row 3:  knit
  • Chain one bind off.
Now thread a long piece of yarn through a yarn needle.  Start spiraling scallops into a circle pattern starting from the inside of your rose and sew to secure as you go. You can play with it and either leave it flat as in the sample or overlap it more.  You can leave your rose plain or place a button in the center as an accent.

Examples of things that can be made using this stitch...You can vary the color of yarn used for endless looks.

Thank You for Reading.  Happy Loom Knitting!

2014, Copyright, www.thismomentisgood, Nicole F. Cox, all rights reserved.  Patterns are for personal use only.  Do not copy or share these patterns.  It is okay to link to these patterns as long as the patterns are not copied.



Christine Ham said...

Reading your pattern for flower what does eek mean?

Nicole F. Cox said...

Hello Christine, Do you mean ewk? If so then it means e-wrap knit, it's included in the paragraph just in case you forget. You can find a full glossary of terms and abbreviations at the top of this blog under the learn tab so that you don't have to wait for me to respond to your questions. Thanks for visiting my blog and happy holidays!-Nicole

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