I've spent the week getting my yarn stash and looming supplies organized!

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Sorry I haven't been posting much lately but it was time for me to get some organization in my life again.  My yarn stash and looming supplies have gotten out of control.  I've been envious of some of the pictures I've seen on +loomaholics.  They've had some really creative organizational ideas!  I love the new yarn winder my daughter got me for Christmas.  It makes a beautiful yarn cake that feeds so smoothly from both ends.  Unlike other loomers, I actually hate the process of winding though.  If I never saw another pile of yarn barf, I would be a very happy knitter.  Every single ball of yarn I wind knots repeatedly.  I watch You Tube videos and others don't seem to have this problem.  Apparently I'm not cut out to be a proficient winder so I won't be giving advice on how to properly wind yarn.  I will tell you that my favorite thing about having a winder is that, as the cake gets smaller and starts to collapse, you can just rewind it and have another neat little cake again.  They do look so beautiful too, full of all kinds of possibilities!

Basically this week I decided to wind all my yarn into cakes, even the type of skeins that really don't need it.  This way I can insure that while I'm knitting I don't come across any surprises.  I'm bagging all of my cakes and just leaving out one cake of each color.  That way I can protect my yarn from dust and light.  My husband was nice enough to get involved in the project and went out to AC Moore and bought me a couple of pine shelves and bolted them together.  I now have floor to ceiling yarn and loom storage in my craft room.  He bought large cup holders and bent them.  They are perfect for hanging the looms on.  On the other side of the shelves we hung baskets for notions.

I also have been collecting empty toilet paper rolls.  They are perfect for winding small amounts of yarn on. They also fit nicely into a small drawer.  The other small rolls of silk & cotton, I bagged in Zip Locs and placed in a basket that fits perfectly up on a shelf in my craft room.  I designated another as a project basket for "works in progress". In the past, those were just strewn all over the couch.  I'm sure my husband appreciates this new organized me, lol!

One of my favorite projects I'm working on is getting stitch samples organized.  My stitch samples measure about 3 x 5.  I've attached cards to them with the stitch name, whether the stitch curls or not, type of yarn used and a reference number.  The reference number coordinates with a three ring binder which has sheets listing the stitch sequence (or how the stitch was done).  That project will probably take a year to complete.  Stitch samples make it so much easier when designing a pattern so I'm really excited about this project!

I don't bother to weave in my ends and often use cheaper yarns when doing the sample.  The ends are convenient for tying on the tags.


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