This semi-felted hat knits up quick and looks cute!

I have to confess...I'm very lazy when it comes to my hair!  I wear ball caps way too often.  Let's face it, they look good with sportswear but nothing else.  So I wanted to loom a hat that was casual but would look stylish with a winter sweater and wouldn't scream "I didn't feel like doing my hair today."  I love the newsboy caps and they have the coverage of a ball cap.  It took me two times before I came up with this hat.  The first hat I did in acrylic and couldn't shape it to lay like a newsboy.  The second hat, pictured above, I did in Fisherman's Wool and was able to manipulate it into the shape I wanted.  I also semi-felted it to stiffen the brim and give it a different look.  The hat will be huge and kind of flimsy when it comes off the loom.  Don't worry it will shrink and stiffen up with the felting process!
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Disclaimer:  The brim ONLY is done like the one by Goodknitkisses on can find the video here: Newsboy Brim.  Please support them...they have wonderful videos on youtube & Pinterest!  


Knifty Knitter Loom: Yellow Loom
Knitting Tool
Crochet Hook
1 Skein Fishermans Wool; Color:  Birch Tweed

EWK = e-wrap knit
knit = flat knitting, unless an e-wrap was already stated.

-Work Left to Right. 
-Place Markers on Pegs 5, 20 and 24.
-Use (2) strands of wool as one.
-Place slip knot on peg 5.
-Chain cast on from peg 5 to peg 20, use markers as guides.
-e-wrap back to peg 5 but skip 1st peg.
-knit pegs.
-EWK peg 6.
-Purl pegs 7- peg 19.
-EWK peg 20.
-e-wrap back to peg 4 (increase 2 pegs)
-knit pegs with 2 loops.
-EWK peg 4.
-Purl pegs 5-20.
-e-wrap pegs 21 and 22.
-e-wrap pegs 21 back to peg 3.
-knit pegs.
-EWK peg 4
-Purl pegs 5 through peg 21.
-EWK peg 22.
-e-wrap pegs 21 through peg 1.
-knit pegs with 2 loops.
-EWK peg 2.
-purl pegs 3 through peg 22.
-e-wrap pegs 23 and 24.
-e-wrap pegs 23 back to peg 1.
-knit pegs with 2 loops.
-EWK peg 2.
-purl pegs 3 through peg 24.
-Your Brim is now done!  Do not cast off, continue with pattern below!

-Chain cast on all pegs around loom, placing loop on last empty peg.
-EWK one row.

-*knit one peg (keep all knitting loose, so you can move loops easily)
-Move the next loop (from the following peg) to the next peg.
-e-wrap the empty peg.
-purl peg with 2 loops (using the 2 loops as one at top of peg).
-knit next peg.
-Begin again at * all the way around loom.  This is one row/round.
-Repeat above sequence from * to * for (6) rows. Do not interrupt pattern at end of row just continue   around as if the row didn't end but make note of it as one row!  The pattern will swirl around hat this way.

-Now, EWK 26 rows.
-Decrease crown by moving peg 1 to peg 2, peg 3 to peg 4, peg 5 to peg 6 and so on all the way around.
-knit pegs with 2 loops.
-gathered bind off.
-Weave in all ends.
-Felt your hat!

Felt hat using any method you would like.  I use my dryer and there are instructions for that Here: Lessons in Dryer Felting!  I also felted it in two stages.  I stretched the body out with a dinner plate and let it dry after the first felting.  Try the hat on occasionally (yes your head will get wet but it's the only way to check for size).  The hat should be able to flop forward while fitting snug around brim and along back! I thought it was still bigger than I wanted so I felted it again and used a salad plate inside the hat on the second drying.  BE CAREFUL: felting is permanent and the second felting only took 10 minutes in the dryer. It went much faster the second time around!!


Disclaimer:  I have made every effort to ensure that these instructions are accurate and complete.  I cannot, however, be responsible for human error, typographical mistakes, or variations in individual work. These are test patterns and are for personal use only.  Knit at your own risk. Do Not print, copy or share these patterns. 

Copyright, 2014, Nicole F. Cox,, all rights reserved.


Emily said...

For the felting, did you use ceramic or plastic plates? I'm at the felting step, but I don't want to break a plate.

Nicole F. Cox said...

Hello Emily! The type of plate doesn't matter as it shouldn't break (do not put the plate in the dryer). Be gentle when placing the plate in the knitting as to not overstretch the hat then air dry.

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