Here's a cute idea for Valentines to give to teachers, students in your childrens' class and neighbors...

At Christmas I made friends and neighbors the birdseed wreaths and was thrilled at how well received they were.  When it came time to start thinking about what I was going to make my nephews for Valentines Day, I thought of those wreaths.  I could imagine how delighted the kids would be hanging little birdseed hearts out in the yard and waiting for the little birds to come and eat them.  I used the same recipe as for the wreaths but instead of using one big Bundt pan, I used small donut pans (for friendship wreaths) and a heart cookie cutter.

To Make Hearts:
-Make Birdseed Wreath Recipe.
-Spray cookie cutter lightly with Pam or baking spray
-Immediately start packing mixture into cookie cutters or donut pans.
-Remove cookie cutter immediately.  If using donut pans (leave mixture in pan and follow directions for wreaths on recipe page)
-Place hearts in refrigerator for about 25 minutes on baking sheet AFTER using straw to make hole (for hanging)  See Below...
-I held a straw to the side of one of the hearts so that I would have a hole to place a hanger through.  I used red and white curling ribbon as the hangers.  The little friendship wreaths had a natural hole in the center for the hanger.  The recipe made enough hearts for an entire classroom but you would probably need to double the recipe if making the friendship wreaths for a class.  Make sure to pack the birdseed tight so it holds together, just follow the instructions in the original recipe!  They dry very fast since they are smaller.
Here is the recipe:  Birdseed Wreath Recipe/How to

To finish each "Valentine" I cut up old white Christmas boxes (they have a pretty white coating) to provide protection for the birdseed.  I used decorative scissors to give it a pretty edge.  I placed the cardboard into a candy bag, then one heart or friendship wreath and a few red & silver Hershey kisses.  I cut pretty red scrapbook paper to 8 1/2 x 11" so it would fit through my printer and printed tags that said; "Happy Valentines Day, Glad you're part of my flock."; "Happy Valentines Day, Birds of a feather flock together."; and "Happy Valentines Day, Here's a friendship ring for you and your feathered friends."  Use a pretty font for this step!  I tied the bag off with the tag and more curling ribbon.
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They came out adorable and are a little different then just plain candy Valentines.  Although I did throw in a little candy for the kids so they wouldn't be disappointed!  I love animals and nature and this project is a good way to help children connect with the wildlife in their backyard.
My husband and I couldn't resist and hung some on our small maple tree...the birds loved it!


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