Cheerful Loom Knit Frosty Hat

     I made this hat yesterday for my four year old nephew who said he wanted a "snowman hat" for Christmas.  I was really pleased with how it turned out especially, since I had tried some techniques I hadn't done before...vertical stripes, checkered stitches, etc.  It took more planning and thought than some of my previous patterns.  The final result was worth it and I can't wait to give it to my nephew.  I will be designing a matching scarf to go with it so, if you like this pattern, check back for the scarf.  

Find the scarf pattern here!

Supplies you'll need:

Green Knifty Knitter Loom (36 Pegs)
1 Skein Charisma Baby (4); Color: Aqua
1 Skein Lion Brand Hometown USA (6); Color:  New York White
1 Skein (or Less) Lion Hometown USA (6); Color:  Oakland Black
1 Skein (or Less) Patons Shetland Chunky (5); Color: Gold
Knitting Tool
Crochet Hook
Paper/Pen for counting stitches


With (1) strand of BLUE E-Wrap cast-on every other peg
With (1) strand of WHITE E-Wrap cast-on every other peg (empty pegs)
E-Wrap knit, alternating colors for (12) rows; Tip: 2 colors around once equals one row
At the end of each row make sure yarn does not twist
Turn up knitting, forming brim of hat
Knit together
Drop BLUE - Cut


With WHITE E-Wrap Knit (9) Rows


With BLACK, E-Wrap Knit (1) Row
Rib Stitch (8) Rows; (K1,P1,K1,P1)
Turn up 1st row of BLACK sts, to form brim (take your time with this step, the stitches get tight

Slip knot BLUE and WHITE on holding peg
Alternating BLUE & WHITE E-Wrap Knit Stitch (4) rows 
(Be Sure to alternate the colors on each row so that you do not form vertical stripes)

With BLACK E-Wrap Knit Stitch (8 Rows)
To Square off top of hat move peg one to peg two, peg three to peg four, and so on until all pegs have been moved
Knit all Pegs
Gathered Bind-Off


E-Wrap Knit (4) Pegs with GOLD
E-Wrap Knit (4-5) Rows
Gathered Bind-Off
Shape into Cone - Sew onto center of face


With BLACK E-Wrap Knit (3) Rows, using 3 pegs.
Gathered Bind-Off
Pull Tight into Knot
Leave Tail for sewing on Frosty's Face
(Do this twice to make two Coal eyes
Sew on Hat


Hand Sew a line with BLACK using picture as reference

all rights reserved, Nicole F. Cox,  These patterns are for personal use only.  Do not copy, print or sell this pattern.  



Danielle Nicole said...

It turned out awesome, as always! He's gonna love it!

Nicole Cox said...

Thanks Danielle, Can't wait to give it to him...especially since he asked for it!

Unknown said...

Looking for some information when doing the 1st row of black for the snowman hat it say to turn up the 1st row..and to take your exactly is this done? Please explain..thanks

Unknown said...

How exactly do you turn up the 1st row of black to make the brim in the snow man's hat?

Nicole F. Cox said...

Hello Unknown, You do it exactly the same way as if you were making a hem or turning up a hat brim at the beginning of the hat. You need to pick up each stitch, one by one, keeping them in line with the pegs so that your brim remains straight. Lift from the rows indicated in the pattern. I hope this helps answer your question.

Unknown said...

Thank you for responding. .tried the youtube link doesn't work think some of the link is missing. .I'll just wing it!!

Nicole F. Cox said...

You're welcome! The link looks good, here it is again and it matches with YouTube...

Shorty Truhart said...

you do beautiful work..I even tried to copy your snowman pattern..I am disabled and took up loom knitting to keep my mind busy and still feel useful.. I have given a couple of my hats away and made some arrangements to make others for cancer patients and children in hospitals in my area. I see so many i would like to try.. especially any superheroes. But i only just begun and still not that great.. I would love to show you the hat i did using your pattern but dont know how to post it.. Thank you for giving us free patterns of such lovely work.. God Bless you.

Nicole F. Cox said...

Hello Shorty. Thank you so much for the kind words! It's wonderful to hear that you do charity knitting. You can use the contact button at the top of this blog or use my email to share any photos. I always love to see my readers work! I hope to bring you many more patterns in the future. Have a great day and thank you again for reaching out-Nicole

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