Free pattern for a loom knit fair isle cowl by This Moment is Good! Welcome in the change of seasons with this Cheerful Cowl. Yes, Fair Isle and complex color work can be done on the loom!
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Over the last few weeks I've been working on a Loom Knit Fair Isle Cowl for myself.  It has 6 colors in it and was knit with a soft Merino Wool by Cascade.  I wanted something for early spring that was cheerful. This cowl definitely says "hello spring" with its bottom row of yellow tulips.  I broke the rules of Fair Isle by having more than six stitches between color changes and sometimes carrying three colors in a row instead of two.  I have tweaked the pattern below by taking the eyelets off the chart as the floats show through the holes.  The tulip pattern is also off by one stitch but it is not noticeable in the finished cowl pattern. The 66 pegs did not allow for my tulip design to fit perfectly.  Sometimes this is the case with loom knitting in the round and I don't believe in limiting my designs with the need for perfection.  Also, this is a charted pattern only and I'm sorry to those who hate to read charts.

I have made a video about loom knitting fair isle on the loom and other stranded color work.  I would recommend watching this video before trying complex color work the first time.  You can find the video here: Fair Isle and Stranded Color work Video.  There are also other loom knitting videos on my YouTube Channel here: This Moment is Good on YouTube. Please subscribe and you'll get notified of new videos.

Although the above cowl may look complicated, it's really not with a little planning. At the end of each row make sure your colors have not become tangled and you should be fine as long as you take your time.  You can work this pattern in any direction you wish.

  • 66 peg 1/2" peg spacing loom (CinDWood Loom used in sample)
  • Knitting Tool
  • Crochet hook-small
  • Merino wool or other soft wool recommended (6 Colors); Cascade 100% wool was used in sample. I am sensitive to wool and found that this wool does not prickle or make me itch!
Pattern: Work in any direction.  It is recommended to use wool or any type of "sticky" fiber to ensure better blending of colors. Use the regular knit stitch when doing fair not substitute other knit sts. If you are not familiar with this st. see above video channel for more help.
  • Chain cast on all pegs with 2 strands light green (or color of your choice); join to work in the round.
  • Rows 1-9:  *k3, p3, repeat from *.
  • Rows 10-37: Follow chart below.
  • Row 38:  knit all; using the same color as bottom border (this will prevent the dropped stitch you see in the above sample where the color change was made)
  • Rows 39-46:  *k3, p3, repeat from *.
  • Chain one bind off.
Blue = Dark Green
White = Orange
Purple = Purple or Rose
Yellow = Yellow
Grey = Cream

Thank you for reading! Happy Looming!

2015, copyright, thismomentisgood, Nicole F. Cox, designer, all rights reserved.  Link to this blog only please.

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