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I have Easter fever this week and of course had to come up with a cute little gift for my nephews. My favorite thing about Easter, as a child, was the Easter egg hunts and the CANDY!!! Last night I took a couple of hours and came up with these cute loom knit candy holders. One is a carrot and I made it more like a bulb at the top so it would hold more candy. My nephews would definitely notice if one of them got less candy than the other. The carrot is meant to tie at the top. The other is a sweet little bunny and it ties just under its' little "cotton like" tail.

I've included the patterns just in case you would like to make these sweet little candy holders! Also, while I was at it, I made up a basket of loom knit washcloth bunnies. These are a great gift for mom! Also, I think they would be really sweet for a baby shower. Loom knit washcloths make great burp cloths for baby too! A pictorial is included at the end, if you want to make these.

Loom Knit Carrot Candy Holder Pattern and Chart

Thread a yarn needle with 2 strands green yarn (long enough to go around carrot and tie a bow); Stitch lightly around bottom of last green row and pull both ends gathering top of carrot and tie. Knot both ends to keep yarn from fraying. Stitch glossary below.

Loom Knit Bunny Candy Holder Pattern

Loom Knit Carrot (on left) Loom knit Bunny Candy holder (on right); Bunny holds candy in his body and it closes at tail.

Loom knit Bunny Candy Holder

·        Start body…
·        CO 27 pegs with 2 strands MC; join to work in the round
·        Rows 1-20:  ewk
·        Bind off using gather method.
·        Start Ears…(make 2)
·        CO 6 pegs with 2 strands CC.
·        Rows 1-15:  ewk
·        Row 16:  skip1, ewk2, ssk (move peg 5 to peg 4), ewk1.
·        Row 17:  skip1, ewk1, ssk (move peg 4 to peg 3), ewk1.
·        Row 18: Move peg 1 to peg 2, move peg 4 to peg 3; ewk2.
·        Bind off.
·        Assemble…
·        Make (2) 2 inch pom-poms for feet, (1) 1” pom-pom for tail and (1) 4” pom-pom for head.
·        Sew pom-poms to body (refer to picture for placement)
·        Glue eyes and nose onto face with hot glue.
·        Thread 2 strands yarn every 2 sts around base of body; tie ends and use to gather tail end after filling body with candy.

Stitch Glossary

Bind off the specified number of stitches. Chain one BO.
Cast on the specified number of stitches. Chain one cast on.
E-wrap knit: Wrap working yarn completely around peg; pull bottom loop over top loop.
Make 1. e-wrap peg once then u-knit this same peg; pull on yarn to tighten..
Purl. Push existing loop to the top of the peg; take working yarn and lay it beneath loop; reach down through top loop and grab working yarn forming a new loop; pull yarn off peg and replace with newly made loop.
Move peg 2 to peg 1; knit both loops over working yarn on peg 1; move all sts inward to fill the gap made by the move.

Basket of Loom knit Bunny Washcloths
Start with a square washcloth.
Roll in from opposite directions; meeting in the middle.

Fold in half and tie with a bow where my thumb is.
Patterns for these washcloths can be found on my Etsy Store here: Washcloth Patterns


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