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Front of Loom Knit St. Patrick's Day Headband

Last night I was trying to think of a quick pattern that I could add my loom knit shamrocks/3 leaf clovers to. I was also playing with my German Shepherd and thought it would be fun to take pictures of her for this St. Patrick's day...She may have a German name but my father was very Irish...a Milligan. So I came up with the pattern below, it's perfect because it can be used as a headband or a doggie photo prop.  It also took me under an hour to loom knit...even better!

The front of the headband has the belt and buckle and the back has the Shamrock/3-leaf clover attached. You can find the pattern for that here:  Shamrock-3 Leaf Clover. This can be adapted to any loom.  For a headband use a loom that would make a tight hat on your head (1 size smaller).  I use the green KK for my head and it makes a perfect adult ladies size headband.  Go smaller for a child.  The green KK loom also fits the neck of my German Shepherd. She is a normal 60-70 lb. female. For a larger or smaller dog just use a loom that fits over their head and it should fit.  For small dog,s lesson the rows evenly throughout pattern. If using a small gauge loom, I recommend using more pegs for the gold belt as it will end up smaller.

Back of Loom Knit Saint Patrick's Day Headband
My Dog in the Loom Knit St. Patrick's Day Headband. Doesn't she look adorable? I could tell she felt special!
Both sides of the headband look great on the dog! She's ready for her Facebook Pic!

Loom Knit St. Patrick's Day Headband/ Doggie Collar

Finished Measurements:  4"h x 18.5"w (if using green loom).  36 peg large gauge loom makes a                                                 ladies size headband.

  • Any loom size-refer to above; sample was knit with the green KK loom
  • Knitting tool
  • yarn needle
  • Yarn
    • MC:  Green Yarn (any); bulky weight, 1 strand; 4 weight, 2 strands.
    • CC1:  Black Yarn (any); bulky weight, 1 strand; 4 weight, 2 strands.
    • CC2:  Gold Yarn (any); bulky weight, 1 strand; 4 weight, 2 strands.
  • crochet hook
  • Chain cast on all pegs with MC; join to work in the round.
  • Row 1:  ewk
  • Row 2:  purl
  • Rows 3-4:  repeat rows 1 and 2 (1) time.
  • Row 5:  ewk
  • Cut MC
  • Find middle of your loom, minus 2 pegs and cast on with CC2 (place slip knot with color on that peg).  
  • Do the same as last step with CC1 on peg 21 (if using green KK; if using another loom place black slip knot on peg next to where CC2 is, staying on the side where your buckle will not be. Twist your 2 colors together once.
  • Row 6:  ewk31 with CC1, ewk5 with CC2.
  • Rows 7-8 Repeat row 6 (2) times...working back and forth with each color, twisting colors together when they meet.  On a large gauge loom it is helpful to pull yarn tight so you do not end up with gaps.
  • Row 9:  ewk 31 with CC1, ewk2 with CC2, ewk1 with CC1, ewk2 with CC2.
  • Row 10:  repeat row 9.
  • Rows 11-13:  repeat row 6 (3) times.
  • Rows 14-18:  repeat rows 5-1 (in that order) using MC.
  • Bind off using x-stretchy bind-off method.  Video Here:  x-stretchy bind-off video
  • If you would like, make the Shamrock/3 leaf clover:  Video Here:  Shamrock Video
Hope you enjoyed this post. Thank you for reading!

2015,, Nicole F. Cox, all rights reserved.

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