First of all, Happy Bodhi Day to all!  Today I'm extra thankful for all the good things in my life!  Our name This Moment is Good, gets its special meaning from Buddhist teachings. One of the things I'm feeling extra grateful for are these fantastic looms I received in the mail this week.  They are CinDWood Looms.  I wanted to share some pictures of them and some of my thoughts about their design. If you loom as much as I do, you need well made looms that make your knitting easier! CinDWood Looms are perfect because they come in multiple gauges, 1/2", 5/8" and 3/4".
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CinDWood round looms and picks, 1/2" peg spacing.
Above are 5 different loom sizes in the 1/2" peg spacing.  This small gauge loom allows you to use 1 strand of yarn in many different weights.  This means less expense for us loomers and a tighter knit. The pegs have a nice size head which holds your yarn firmly on the loom as you knit.  It can take a couple rows to get used to these different pegs when you switch from the plastic looms to CinDWood, it's not quite as smooth a transition as the molded plastic looms like knifty knitter.  Although, after a couple rows, I did not notice the difference.
Along with the looms, you get a pick or two with a great cushioned handle.  The pick is sharp so I think it might be best for lighter weight/thinner yarns. I have not used it yet but hope to this week.

Close up of a small CindWood round loom, 1/2" peg spacing.
The holding peg has a large head and I find that it's best to wind your yarn around it instead of using a slip knot.  The slip knot can tighten and be very difficult to get off of the large head.  If you prefer a slip knot then leave your tail longer than usual and cut it.  One thing for sure, you won't have to worry about your yarn slipping off of this holding peg. There is a nice groove in the peg for picking up your yarn quickly.  The base is made out of MDF, which is surprisingly light and smooth. They have many loom sizes and shapes.  Right now I am focusing on the round loom in my pattern designing so that's why I'm specifically writing about CindWood Crafts round loom but you can get rakes and serenity looms from them too.

I love that this is a family run company!  They have excellent customer service and have answered all my questions and shipped my looms quickly.  I hope you try these looms!  Here is where you can find them:
CinDWood Round Looms

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