It's just in the beginning stages but represents months of hard work...

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I've been working for months on loom knitting patterns.  Some I've put on this blog for free and others I've been holding for a potential pattern book.  This week I decided to change gears and try an Etsy Store for my more complicated patterns.  I'm hoping to take it slow and just add items when I'm completely satisfied with them.  Hopefully the store will help to support my blogging and addiction to loom knitting.  There's only so patient my husband can be with my hobby!

 I'm hoping that it also pushes me to be more creative.  There is so much that can be done on the loom beyond hats, scarves and socks.  I really want to explore these possibilities.  Loom knitting is so much fun.  It's an accessible hobby to almost anyone.  Supplies are cheap and most patterns are quick, giving us that instant gratification we all crave.

For any of my readers who are worried, I'll still be posting free patterns, crafts and recipes, etc. on my blog!  I appreciate all of your support and have been overwhelmed by the positive feedback I've gotten...THANK YOU!  Below you'll find links to my store and patterns if you want to check them out.  Come back often, I hope to have much more in the future!

All The items below are Loom Knitting Patterns that are currently for sale.  I've written the patterns with minimum abbreviations because I've seen how confusing yo, k2tog can be.  For beginners, it's like learning a foreign language and can become quite frustrating for some!  Please share with me if you would like to see a particular type of pattern done...I'd love to hear your feedback.
HERE is a link to my Etsy store Home Page:  My Etsy!

I'd Love to Have You Visit!  Thank You For Reading!
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