Victorian Inspired Fingerless gloves...

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Spend a day knitting these ultra feminine, yet cozy wrist warmers for yourself or a friend!


Blue Knifty Knitter
Knitting Tool
Crochet Tool
Cream Colored Yarn
(2) Buttons
Lace Trim

Pattern: (Please read disclaimer at the bottom of this post before knitting any of the patterns on this site)

Chain Cast on with 2 strands of Cream Yarn (used as one)

Rows 1-3:  Rib Stitch (K1, P1, K1, P1, repeat around)

Row 4:  P1 (skip 1, WYIF, P1) around
Row 5:  knit around
Row 6:  P2 (skip 1, WYIF, P1) repeat around
Row 7:  knit around
Row 8:  P1 (skip 1, WYIF, P1) around

NOTE:  Rows 9-14, at peg 24, reverse direction and knit back to peg one.  This will form your thumb hole.
Lengthen this process if you want a larger thumb opening.

Row 9:  knit around
Row 10:  reverse directions, P2 (skip 1, WYIF, P1) around
Row 11:  reverse directions, knit around
Row 12:  reverse directions, P1 (skip 1, WYIF, P1)
Row 13:  reverse directions, knit around
Row 14:  reverse directions, P2 (skip 1, WYIF, P1)

Stop reversing direction here (unless you want larger hole for thumb)

Rows 15-27 (Repeat rows 9 through 12) DO NOT reverse direction!

Rows 28-37:  e-wrap knit stitch

Row 38:  Purl
Row 39:  Knit
Row 40:  Purl
Row 41:  Knit
Row 42:  Purl
Row 43:  Knit

Chain one bind off

Weave in ends

-Using 1 strand of cream yarn and needle, loosely sew a gathering stitch at top of glove.  Place glove on and tighten around hand, leave loose enough that you can comfortably pull glove on and off. knot. weave in ends.

-Repeat just above where the e-wrap knit stitches start.

Sew on buttons

Sew on lace


skip 1, WYIF = Skip a peg with your yarn in front.  You do this by removing yarn off peg, holding it with knitting tool, then place working yarn behind peg but in front of loop on knitting tool, place loop back on peg.

I will probable tack down the bottom of the lace!

Thanks For Reading!

Disclaimer:  I have made every effort to ensure that these instructions are accurate and complete.  I cannot, however, be reponsible for human error, typographical mistakes, or variations in individual work.  I am not a professional pattern writer.  Although these patterns have been tested by me, they are still considered test patterns because they have not been done by a large group of knitters.  They are being shared free for this reason.  Please knit these patterns at your own risk.

Copyright, 2013, Nicole F. Cox,, all rights reserved.

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