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If you've read my earlier posts, you know I'm on a mission to make all of my relatives & close friends a home made gift. As the days tick by and Christmas is just around the corner, I'm starting to realize that it might be overly ambitious. There are going to be a few people I'll have to buy gifts for this year.  No worries, I'll make it up to them next year!  I have a dear friend, Vivian, who is very elegant so I wanted to make her something feminine and also practical for winter.  Since I want each gift to be unique, I needed to learn a new stitch pattern for the scarf I planned on making her.  After some research, I decided on the honeycomb stitch.  It sounds complicated but once you learn the box stitch, it's really easy.  The honeycomb appears by constantly reversing the box stitch.  Keeping count of your rows is also necessary if you want it to look even.  The finished scarf has a really unique look to it!

What You'll Need:

3 Skeins Grey/Marble Yarn (4)
Long Loom (with atleast 12 pegs)
Knitting Tool
Crochet Hook


-Cast on 12 pegs, using 2 strands of grey as one, in the box stitch pattern (shown below)

-e-wrap knit (9) rows (I've demonstrated it using just one strand to make it clear)

-Now, reverse your stitch, using the wrap shown below

-e-wrap knit (9) rows

-Continue reversing your stitch every (9) rows until your scarf measures 64 inches (or adjust length)

-Make fringe by wrapping yarn around cardboard (cardboard should measure 4 1/2" by 6") then cutting at top of cardboard.  Add 5 strands to the base of each stitch column.

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Let me know if you have any questions!

Disclaimer:  I have made every effort to ensure that these instructions are accurate and complete.  I cannot, however, be reponsible  for human error, typographical mistakes, or variations in individual work. 

Copyright 2013, Nicole F. Cox,, all rights reserved.

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