The Knit Stitches on The Loom

Stockinette Stitch On the Loom

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There are 3 loom knit stitches that produce stockinette. Each stitch is listed below.

The most useful stitch of all is the regular knit stitch which produces stockinette. It has a tailored look, works great for all colorwork and lace stitches. Since it is a single stitch, it does curl and will require edge stitches to make it lie flat.

The Regular Knit Stitch

This stitch looks the most like the needle knit version. It has the loosest tension of the knit stitches.

The U-knit Stitch

This stitch also looks like the needle knit stitch but has a slightly tighter tension. It is a medium tension stitch when done properly.

The flat Knit Stitch

Also produces the stockinette look or V but has a tight tension. Great for socks. This stitch can tighten up quickly so it's best used by confident beginners and above with an elastic yarn.

Any number of stitches
Row 1 and all rows:  Regular Knit Stitch, U-knit or flat knit.
See video above for how to do each stitch.

The e-wrap Knit Stitch or Twisted Stockinette Stitch

Probably the most popular stitch in loom knitting as it's easy to wrap on the pegs and produces a loose meshy stitch that grows quickly. This stitch curls so it does require border stitches to lie flat. It is a beginner stitch and if you are a loom knitter, it was probably the first stitch you learned.

Any number of stitches
Knit flat and in the round
Row 1 and all rows:  e-wrap knit.
See video at the top of this page for how to do the actual stitch.

As you can see in the above pictures, the knit stitches and the e-wrap knit produce very different looking fabric. Stockinette is tailored and organized and the twisted stockinette is a much less organized stitch. The V drops on one side making it look much less tailored.

Here is a combination of the Knit Stitch (any stockinette) and the Twisted Stockinette Stitch. It's a little more organized than the e-wrap knit but you can still see that it's not quite making the V of traditional Stockinette. I describe the look of this stitch as dimpled stockinette.

Any number of stitches.
Requires multiples of 2 rows.

Row 1:  Knit (any)
Row 2:  E-wrap Knit
Repeat rows 1 and 2 until you've reached the desired length.

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