How To Make Easy Gift Tags!

Wooden Gift Tags

With Guest Designer Amber Cox

Adding these wooden gift tags will give your wrapping a “made with love” feel! 

One of my favorite activities is wrapping gifts! I always look forward to making them look extra special for those I am giving to. Needless to say, Christmas is one of my favorite holidays because I get to do A LOT of wrapping! I am always looking for ways to add a little homemade flair to my gift wrapping. These easy wooden gift tags are different, fun and bright, and a relaxing project if you like no pressure painting. It is easy to do a bunch at once and then put them with your wrapping materials to use as needed.


Wooden Discs with Hole at Top (any size – the ones I used had a 2 ¼ inches diameter)
Acrylic Paint
Paint Brushes


Step One: Mix the color paints that you want. I usually use old Tupperware container lids as a palette and to paint on, versus using newspaper. The paint doesn’t stick as easily and makes for easy cleanup at the end! For this project, I used very bright colors so that I could use them to brighten birthday gifts throughout the year. Another idea is to use green and red for Christmas!

Step Two: Paint all your discs a base color. Paint the one side and allow to dry (about one hour). Once one side is dry, flip the disc over and paint the other side.

Step Three: Once both sides are dry, use a paint brush to decorate one side of your wooden discs. You can use shapes and patterns (hearts, zig-zags, polka dots, etc.), images (balloons, animals, etc.), and words (“love”, “mom”, etc.). You can use any colors for this part. I used white and black to contrast with my bright base colors. This part should be fun! Don’t worry about making mistakes! Just enjoy the free form painting!

Step Four: Once your designs are dry, you can store your tags with your wrapping materials.

Step Five: When you are ready to use your tags, use a Sharpie to write “To” and “From” on the side of the disc that does not have the design on it. You can also add a short message if you want to.

Step Six: After wrapping your gift, tie the ribbon around the box and double knot. Before tying the bow, pull one of the ribbon tails through the hole on the wooden disc so that it will lie pattern up. Then tie a bow and you are finished!

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