Loom Knit Santa Cocoon and Santa Hat for Newborn!

New pattern announcement for loom knitters!
Just listed, an adorable swaddler for the Holiday baby. This is a fun and quick loom knitting pattern set for newborn. It's extra special as it was designed for my grandbaby, who is due in December 2017. I can't wait to snuggle him in his new Santa suit. All details are listed below and you can find this pattern at, Etsy or Ravelry-Nicole

Pattern Description
Adorable tweed Santa Cocoon and Elf Hat pattern for Newborn. This is a quick loom knit and would make a great gift for new parents expecting a baby before the holiday. This pattern is suitable for the confident beginner and above loom knitter who understands simple decreasing and pattern reading.

Loom Needed
Large gauge Looms with 3/4" peg spacing (plastic style like Knifty Knitter), 40/41 peg for cocoon and 30/31 peg for hat.

Confident Beginner. Loomer must understand pattern reading and will be doing simple decreasing (all directions enclosed).

Thank you for Reading!-Nicole


Unknown said...

Hi Nicole!

First of all, congratulations on the birth of your grandbaby last year!!! I absolutely love all your work. I am new to loom knitting and got addicted. I am spending a lot of spend at the yarn store, lol. I am currently working on the Santa Cocoon set. Did you work on the buckle after you took the cocoon off the loom? I have several friends that want this set (alot of babies due this winter).

Thank you and I look forward in hearing from you.


Nicole F. Cox said...

Hello Kim, Thank you so much, he's a joy! I'm so glad to hear that we have a new loom knitting addict, it's such a wonderful fiber art. Yes, you do the duplicate stitch after the cocoon is taken off the loom. It would be awkward to do on the loom. When you see the word "finish" in a pattern it is usually after bind off unless otherwise noted not to take the piece off the loom. Have a great day and thanks again for your kind words!

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