Loom Knit Basket Patterns Now Available!

I've released five new loom knit basket patterns this month. Baskets make a great home decor or gift project. All of these baskets feature flat bottoms and they stand upright even when empty. There is the owl basket, door knob basket, yarn basket, bread basket and a cute round basket with a fold over top. I hope you enjoy the latest additions to This Moment is Good!

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You can find the baskets here on Our WebsiteEtsy or on Ravelry. There are multiple ways to buy these patterns, depending on the site. Our website has the most options.

Loom Knit Owl Basket. This is a nice large basket!
Bread Basket, approx. 8" x 8". This basket would look great with a removable liner!
This yarn basket has a loop that opens and closes to hold a strand of yarn and allow for easy release. This basket can also be used for many other purposes.
1. Bread basket 2. Small round basket 3. Doorknob basket 4. Yarn basket
Thank You For Reading and Happy Loom Knitting!

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