Quick and Healthy Meals!

The holidays are a busy time and most of the time our diets become hit or miss. As a professional loom knitter, I spend a lot of time sitting on the couch, not burning calories. This year I was determined to keep my diet on track and plan easy, flash in the pan meals. I bought simple prepared ingredients like eggs, frozen fish, and freshly prepared salsas. Both of these meals took less than 5 minutes to prepare and were super delish. Both recipe ideas can be made for multiple people, just add more ingredients. Hope these ideas help to keep your diet on track this year so that those party platters don't wreak too much havoc on your waistline!

Ingredients: Parmesan cheese, Freshly prepared salsa, baby asparagus, salt and pepper to taste.
Cooking directions:  Spray pan with nonstick cooking spray, Cook asparagus until bright green and slightly tender, push to the side, place a half cup of salsa in the pan and crack an egg in the pan, cook until whites are just cooked leaving egg yolk runny. Sprinkle asparagus with parmesan cheese and salt and pepper to taste. Place asparagus on plate and place egg on top of asparagus, place salsa on the side. Enjoy!

Ingredients:  1 TB of butter or substitute, Mango Salsa, Salmon filet (fresh or frozen), baby asparagus, half a lemon, garlic and salt to taste.
Cooking directions:  Place butter in the pan until melted, place asparagus and salmon in the pan, cook 2 to 3 minutes on each side. During this time add garlic (do not overcook) Add 1/2 cup salsa to the pan just to heat. Sprinkle pan ingredients with salt and lemon juice (to taste). Remove from pan and transfer to plate, enjoy!

Play with the above ingredients and make your own flash in the pan meals!
Happy Holidays to All!-Nicole

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