Make Beautiful and Functional Furniture and Garden Accessories Out Of Old Pallets...

Table made out of old pallets

The above table was made using about 3 pallets. We used a deck recker to pull the wood apart (this tool makes fast work of taking the pallets apart). We kept the frame in tact and just lined up the wood slats and nailed them in place for the top of the table. I used the framing from the other pallets to make the planter/ice box on top of the table and also for the legs. The box was mitered. 

The box can be used as a planter or filled with ice for drinks!

We also made a potting bench. The idea came from a pin on Pinterest. My husband added an extension table so that I could sit at it and card my wool outside. We flipped a pallet on it's side at the top as a backboard for hanging tools. Just stack the pallets and nail together, taking slats out as you go to make your shelves.

We also made a planter box for my daughters Bridal Shower to hold pictures of the Bridesmaids...It has 3 tiers.

My husband made this herb carrier for me out of pallet wood. My herbs are very happy! Plus, it's easy to carry into the kitchen.

Here is the pallet wood we started with. Pallets come in different sizes and thickness so be prepared to cut a little with a table or miter saw. My husband finds the pallets on the side of the road and isn't shy about going into businesses to ask for them. For the most parts these projects were free except for the nails, paint, stain and the pressure treated top we put on the potting bench (this is not necessary...we just chose to add it for longevity).

I hope this gives you ideas for things that you can make using reclaimed wood. We are currently collecting old french doors and windows to make a greenhouse from. We will also be using pallet wood for this future project. I'll share the results when we get it done. We've already found 4 doors for this project!

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