Cottage Looms and knitting tool with padding added

Last month, I received two new looms from Cottage Looms. They are probably the most beautiful looms I've ever seen!  When I opened the box, I was delighted. They reminded me of something you would find in a beautiful antique shop. The bases are hand finished wood and the pegs are metal. Each one came with a knitting tool and instructions. I couldn't wait to use them. I have the 108 peg small gauge cowl loom and the sock loom.  Both looms are 1/4" peg spacing.  The knitting tool is ultra sharp so you have to be careful not to touch the point.  This tool is needed to lift the yarn off the metal pegs.  I found the tool difficult to use at first because it was thin but quickly fixed that by hot gluing yarn around the handle and adding padding to it. Now the tool is perfect for me.

I have made a beautiful Fair Isle Cowl on the 108 peg loom.  The stitches are even and I was able to use one strand of yarn on the project. Like all new looms, it took some time to get comfortable using the metal pegs but after several rows, I was moving along at a nice pace. I appreciated the round/oval shape of these looms.  I find that the rectangular corners of most small gauge looms slow my knitting down considerably.
Cottage Looms are made from wood so they are a little heavier than other types of looms. I did not find this to be a problem though as I usually rest my round looms in my lap as I knit.

Before ordering your looms decide whether you would like a brass starter peg and a holding peg.  They will put them on if you would like. One of my looms has both the starter peg and the holding peg (small loom). The other has the regular metal pegs only (large cowl loom).  I recommend these looms for anyone wanting to do small and fine gauge loom knitting, they can really take your knitting to the next level!

close up of 2 Cottage Looms and pegs
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Beth Hayes said...

I’m glad you mentioned do a few rows to get used to. I messed up few times but getting used to the loom now.


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