Wool soap sacks are an easy and useful loom knitting project! 

I have to admit, my husband makes a mess in the bathroom with all of his little soap chips. He absolutely refuses to use them, despite my protests.  To my surprisehe was actually excited that I was making him one of these. Score one for the long suffering wife! These little soap holders will felt as they are used and hold in all of those annoying pieces.  Make them up for your home or in a bath set as a gift, include a homemade washcloth to make it extra special.

The free pattern can be found here on our website:  Free loom knit soap sack pattern and includes 2 versions!

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Mothers Day is close and if you're looking for a handcrafted gift to make Mom, consider this easy Loom Knit Eye Mask Pattern.

Make your mask extra special by stitching words on the front such as dream, sleep, etc! This also makes a sweet gift for anyone who appreciates spa items, specialty soaps and a little pampering.

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Let Mom know you appreciate her by knitting her this pretty loom knit eye mask and while your at it make her a couple of pretty spa wash clothes in a matching cotton with our Loom Knit Wash Cloth Pattern Collection Here: Click Here

  • Loom:  1/2" peg spacing loom with at least 16 pegs. (CinDWood)
  • Knitting tool
  • Crochet hook
  • Yarn Needle
  • 24 inches of washable ribbon (for ties)
  • Yarn:  Any cotton, worsted weight yarn (organic preferable); 2 strands used as one.
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Note:  The u-knit stitch is used where it says k.


Foundation row:  True cable cast on 16 stitches using 2 strands cotton as one.
Row 1:  *k1, p1, repeat from * to end of row.
Row 2:  *P1, k1, repeat from * to end of row.
Row 3:  *K1, p1, repeat from * to end of row.
Row 4:  (K1, p1) twice, k8, (k1, p1) twice.
Repeat row 4 (12 Times)

Begin ruching- This is done by dramatically decreasing then increasing your sts.
Move the stitch on peg 8 to peg 9 and the stitch on peg 11 to peg 10. Move all stitches inward to fill in the gaps (14 sts).
Row 1:  (K1, p1) twice, k6, (k1, p1) twice.
*Move the stitch from peg 6 to peg 7 and the stitch from peg 9 to peg 8. Move all the stitches inward to fill in the gaps (12 sts).
Row 2:  (K1, p1) Twice, k4, (k1, p1) Twice.
*Move the center sts in exactly as above, decreasing 2 sts again in the center of the row.
Row 3:  (K1, p1) Twice, k2, (k1, p1) Twice (10 sts)

Begin Increasing
For the next 3 rows increase 1 stitch at the beginning and end of the row by casting on the sts using the true cable cast on method. Knit those sts as you would any other stitch in the row.
Rows 1-3:  (K1, p1) twice, *k1, repeat from * to last 4 stitches, (K1, p1) twice. (increasing 2 sts each row)
You should now have 16 sts on the loom.

2nd side of Mask
Row 1:   (K1, p1) twice, k8, (k1, p1) twice.
Repeat row 1 (12 times).
Chain One Bind Off.
Weave in Ends and Attach a Washable Ribbon to each end for tying around head.

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